16 Hobbies and Interests for a Nursing Resume

Updated on: February 4, 2024

A Nurse’s Personal Side: Fun Hobbies for Your Resume

When you’re applying for a nursing job, your resume should show more than just the work you’ve done. It’s also about who you are. Your hobbies and things you like to do in your spare time can give hints about your personality and skills. If you enjoy doing activities that help others or require attention and care, they can make you look better for a nursing job.

On this page, we’ll talk about 16 hobbies that can make your nursing resume more interesting. These aren’t just random things; they’re activities that can help show why you’d be a good nurse. Plus, they can help people see that you’re a person who likes to learn, share, and grow.

Whether you like doing community work, staying calm with yoga, or getting creative with arts and crafts, sharing your hobbies can help you stand out in a nursing job search. So, let’s look at some hobbies that you might want to put on your resume and why they’re a good idea.

16 Nursing Hobbies and Interests for Resume

1. Community Service:
Listing community service on your resume demonstrates your compassion and dedication to helping others, which are essential qualities for a nurse.

2. Yoga:
If you have an interest in yoga, it can indicate that you have patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, which is highly valued in the nursing field.

3. Photography:
Although not directly related to nursing, an interest in photography reveals that you have a keen eye for detail and are sensitive to your surroundings. This can be beneficial in providing attentive and holistic care to patients.

4. Music:
Mentioning your love for music shows that you are a joyful and positive individual. Additionally, some healthcare settings incorporate music therapy, making your interest in music even more relevant.

5. Volunteering:
If you have volunteered your services in hospitals, hospices, or community centers, it reflects your altruistic nature and dedication to serving others. This aligns with the core values of nursing.

6. First Aid and CPR:
Highlighting your interest in first aid and CPR demonstrates your commitment to emergency preparedness and the ability to handle critical situations.

7. Triathlons or Marathons:
Participation in endurance sports indicates discipline, resilience, and determination, qualities that can translate into the demanding nature of nursing.

8. Baking or Cooking:
Sharing your passion for baking or cooking signifies attention to detail, precision, and the ability to multitask‚ÄĒessential skills in healthcare settings.

9. Continuing Education:
Mention any ongoing courses, certifications, or conferences you attend to stay updated on the latest nursing practices and advances.

10. Teaching/Tutoring:
If you have experience teaching or mentoring aspiring nurses, mention it to show your commitment to sharing knowledge and helping others succeed.

11. Leadership Roles:
If you belong to nursing organizations or have held leadership positions in nursing associations, include them to demonstrate your ability to lead and collaborate.

12. Cultural Engagement:
If you participate in cultural events, international clubs, or language exchange programs, it highlights your inclusiveness and ability to work with diverse patient populations.

13. Arts and Crafts:
Engaging in artistic activities reveals creativity, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity for therapeutic communication with patients.

14. Traveling:
Mentioning your love for traveling exhibits adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to work effectively with diverse populations, which is crucial in nursing.

15. Guitar or Musical Instrument:
Playing a musical instrument showcases discipline, focus, and the power of music as a therapeutic tool in patient care.

16. Blogging or Writing:
If you maintain a healthcare-related blog or enjoy writing, it demonstrates effective communication skills and a passion for sharing knowledge.

The hobbies and interests you choose to include should align with your genuine passions and show qualities that are relevant to nursing, such as empathy, attention to detail, and a dedication to compassionate care.

How to Write Great Hobbies for a Nursing Resume?

When writing hobbies for a nursing resume, it is important to choose activities that showcase your skills, personal qualities, and passion for the profession. Here are 6 tips to help you write great hobbies for a nursing resume:

1. Relevance:
Select hobbies that are relevant to nursing or demonstrate qualities valued in the field. For example, community service, volunteering, or participating in healthcare-related activities can highlight your compassion, dedication, and commitment to helping others.

2. Skills:
Consider hobbies that showcase transferable skills. For instance, if you have an interest in yoga, it can indicate patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, which are essential in nursing.

3. Creativity:
Include hobbies that reveal your creative side. Engaging in arts and crafts or playing a musical instrument can demonstrate problem-solving abilities, therapeutic communication skills, and the capacity for holistic patient care.

4. Well-roundedness:
Showcasing a diverse range of hobbies can indicate that you are a well-rounded individual. For example, participating in endurance sports like triathlons or marathons displays discipline, resilience, and determination, qualities that can translate into the demanding nature of nursing.

5. Passion:
Choose hobbies that reflect your genuine passions. Sharing your love for baking, photography, writing, or traveling can reveal your attention to detail, cultural sensitivity, effective communication skills, and ability to work effectively with diverse populations.

6. Alignment:
Ensure that the hobbies you mention align with the qualities and values expected in nursing. For instance, highlighting first aid and CPR training demonstrates your commitment to emergency preparedness and the ability to handle critical situations.

Remember, the hobbies you include should enhance your nursing resume and provide additional insights into your character, skills, and suitability for the profession.

Final Thought

Incorporating hobbies and interests into your nursing resume not only showcases your well-roundedness but also demonstrates your commitment to personal growth and connection with patients. So go ahead, embrace your passions, and let them shine through as you embark on a rewarding nursing career.

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