5 Hobbies and Interests for a Nursing Resume

Updated October 28, 2022
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Believe it or not, a nursing resume can boast hobbies and interests.

In fact, it should highlight what the candidate is up to in his or her free time.

It is true that not too far off in the past, it was considered optional to mention what you do in your past time.

It seemed as if employers were just not interested in anything except your ability to work.

Now, employers want to know what type of individual you are, in addition to what you can offer in terms of skills and experience.

As a nurse, it may seem a bit difficult to highlight hobbies and interests that relate to the profession. That is alright.

You do not have to be accurate every time. You can write a few that suggest your interest in nursing, and others that simply define you as a person.

1. Community Service

If you list community service as an interest on your resume for a nursing position, the hiring manager will be forced to place you as a compassionate individual.

And there is no one more suitable to work as a nurse than someone who has inherent compassion.

2. Yoga

Now yoga is such a great hobby if you want to work in a position that requires you to have patience.

If you mention yoga on your nursing resume, the hiring manager will be forced to take you as someone who is tolerant.

3. Photography

While this is not directly related to nursing, an interest in photography shows that you are sensitive to your surroundings.

This, in turn, will help the hiring manager gauge you as someone with serene nature, and an ability to stay connected with different environments.

4. Music

Music lovers are considered happy people.

Well, mostly anyway. If you write in your resume that you love music in all its forms, you may be considered highly.

Actually, there are many hospitals that are taking up music as a therapy – binaural beats and subliminal music are concrete examples of therapy through music.

5. Volunteering

For many people, volunteering their services in hospitals, hospices, orphanages, and community centers is a great high. If you are one of them, do not be shy in mentioning it on your nursing resume.

After all, this depicts that you are a giver, which is the prime essence of nursing.

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