Patient Service Representative Skills for Resume

Updated on: January 14, 2017

Skills. How do they come into the resume equation? To be perfectly honest, skills make up the resume equation. In many places within a resume, your skills are highlighted automatically, even if you have not placed emphasis on them yourself. Even though they are dynamically emphasized upon, it is important for you to build up on them in a separate section within a resume.

There is a reason that the skills section comes on top (almost) of the patient service representative resume. And that is the fact that they are exceptionally important to the decision making processes – that is, the decision to hire you or not. If your skills gel in well with the requirements of the hiring manager who is reviewing your resume, you can be sure of an interview call coming your way. If not, you can say goodbye to your chances of an interview.

How you measure up to the expectations of a hiring manager is important – and nothing can provide a hiring manager with more information on your capabilities than a skills section that is well-written, and extremely close to what the employer wants in you. Many applicants compare what the employer wants to what they can offer in a cover letter and a resume – in a chart or table form. This is an excellent way of telling the employer that you have all that he wants.

For a patient service representative resume or cover letter, here is a list of skills that you can use:

Sample Skills for Patient Service Representative Resume

• Excellent skills in providing front desk support to patients in a courteous and professional manner

• Demonstrated expertise in scheduling and registering patients for procedures and surgeries according to set standards and protocols

• Highly experienced in reviewing patients’ demographics and insurance information, and ensuring that they are verified properly

• Deeply familiar with managing patient flow and ensuring that all empty appointment slots are filled according to the facility’s protocol

• Exceptionally well-versed in answering and triaging calls and directing them to appropriate individuals and departments

• Proven track record of processing and tracking referrals in accordance with the facility’s operational standards and guidelines

• Skilled in scheduling patients with ancillary and specialty providers, based on their specific requirements and the doctors’ orders

• Competent in performing screening and scheduling of interpreter services and initiating privacy practices and consent

• Qualified to perform point of service activities including copay collections and patient and record tracking

• Proficient in compiling and recording medical charts, reports and correspondence, with special focus on accuracy and integrity of patient, diagnosis and treatment data