OR Circulator Resume Sample

Updated on: June 24, 2018

A resume for OR Circulator is a necessary component of your job application set.

How do you make sure that your resume is good enough for a hiring manager to go through completely?

Here is a format that you can use:




OR Circulator Resume Example



Carol Brown
10 Dinker Drive, Newark, NJ 91038
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally talented OR circulator with excellent skills in providing required nursing care to post-operative patients. Effectively able to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure effective patient care delivery. Demonstrated expertise in consulting and coordinating with health care team members to assess, plan, and implement patient care plans.


• Patient Education • Plan Development • Care Plan Modification
• Vitals Signs Management • Emergency Response • OR Preparation
• Records Keeping • Patient Counseling • Post-operative Care
• Acute Patient Care • Specimens Handling • Patient Documentation

• Saved a patient’s life by recognizing early signs of a heart attack, and providing immediate CPR.
• Implemented a patient counseling system, which proved to be highly effective in helping patients understand the post and pre-operative constraints.
• Successfully developed a series of nursing plans in a post and pre-operative capacity.
• Introduced a patient records keeping system, which proved to be 50% more accurate than the one already being used.
• Conducted pre and post-operative education to bring patients and families on par.
• Actively provided basic bed care to patients aimed at ensuring their physical and emotional wellbeing.
• Prepared and administered medication orally, through IVs, and subcutaneously.


OR Circulator
Swedish Health Services, Newark, NJ                      2011-present
• Look through patients’ charts to determine their specific diseases and surgical orders.
• Prepare patients for surgical procedures, ensuring that they are provided with information on what to expect.
• Take and record patients’ vitals, and ensure that any significant changes are communicated to the surgeon before an operative procedure.
• Provide patients and their families with information on what to expect before and after a surgical procedure.
• Provide one on one personal care to patients recovering from surgeries, following OR policies.
• Administer medication my mouth, subcutaneously, and through IVs, following set nursing plans.
• Oversee and monitor patients’ progress during the post-operative time, and intervene in emergent situations.
• Create and maintain logs and records of care provided to patients, any significant incidents that may have transpired.

Registered Nurse
Oceania Healthcare, Newark, NJ                                  2005-2011
• Assessed patients to determine their specific conditions, and looked through care plans.
• Provided one on one care to patients by administering medication, and giving advice.
• Educated patients and their families about diseases and conditions, and how to handle them.
• Took patients’ vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, and ensured that they were correctly recorded.
• Administered medication through the mouth, and intravenously, by following set healthcare plans.

Newark Nursing School, Newark, NJ
Bachelor of Science in Nursing