Merchandise Planner Resume Sample

Updated on: May 17, 2019

Applying for a merchandise planner position means that you really have to work on your resume.

Your most important job application document must include all the right information.


And the right information will be what is acceptable to the hiring manager.

It is important to realize that long resumes are quite discouraging, and actually, force hiring managers to put them down.

If you want to acquire a position as a merchandise planner, you must make sure that your resume holds information of your ability to and experience in supporting buying functions, and strategizing merchandizing plans.

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Merchandise Planner Resume Sample


Grace Toronto
70 Malta Road, Provo, UT57361
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


Competent merchandise planner, with 5+ years of experience in developing, executing, and maintaining merchandise financial plans and strategies to support merchandising, marketing, and financial objectives. Demonstrated expertise in driving financial results that maximize, sales, and bottom line profitability.


Strategy Development
Historical Data Analysis
Trends Identification

Sales Analysis
Seasonal Merchandise Planning
Risk Management
Aged Inventory Control

Sales Maximization
Stock Levels Oversight
Insights Uncovering
Inventory Efficiency Improvement


  • Implemented a series of merchandize plans, as a result increased sales by 75%.
  • Introduced a unique forecasting system, hence, acquired 99% accurate future sales data.
  • Devised an inventory control system, thereby, derived benefit from aged products.
  • Spearheaded 7 training programs, as support to merchandise officers’ induction.


Merchandise Planner
Pacific Sunwear, Provo, UT | 2015-present

  • Create and implement strategic financial plans as they relate to merchandizing.
  • Plan sales, inventory, and markdowns at store levels.
  • Build pre-season class plans.
  • Work out replenishment strategies in order to ensure that the business yields more profits.
  • Maintain contact with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of items.
  • Partner with merchants in order to determine future trends.
  • Establish, maintain, and predict product demands, ensuring that delivery is made on time.
  • Implement strategic plans aimed at liquidating products from ageing inventories.

Merchandise Assistant
Macy’s, Provo, UT | 2013-2015

  • Reconciled class plans to department forecasts.
  • Developed pricing strategies based on product classes.
  • Provided reporting on merchandising tasks.
  • Assisted in reviewing analysis of businesses around risk and opportunities.
  • Reviewed and generated reports of merchandizing efforts.
  • Assisted in analyzing actual sales results in order to plan and forecast sales.
  • Ensured that purchase orders were released accurately and timely.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Utah State University, Provo, UT 


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