Concrete Pump Operator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on February 28, 2018

There are different ways cover letters for concrete pump operator position can be written.

But not all of them are right. While many people seem to think that a cover letter is merely a means to say hello to a hiring manager, a cover letter says more than that.

It is a way to communicate your worth to a hiring manager who did not know that you existed before he picked up your resume and cover letter set.

Two things can happen when a hiring manager sees a cover letter. He will either love, it and make plans to call you in for an interview or dislike it so much that he will bin it.

You have to (of course) target for the former. Writing a cover letter to impress the recruiter should be your primary concern.

There is a lot that you can write to impress the hiring manager, including providing information about your skills and abilities and accomplishments.

Here is a cover letter sample to take you ahead:


Concrete Pump Operator Cover Letter Example



February 28, 2018

Mr. Robert Dolman
Human Resource Manager
Southwest Concrete Pumping
25 Q Street
Auburn, NE 46520


Dear Mr. Dolman:

I am interested in the open position of a concrete pump operator at Southwest Concrete Pumping for two reasons. That is, the requirements that you have charted out are a perfect match to my qualifications, and I have worked with Ilto concrete machine, which is a novelty in this part of the country.

Putting all my cards on the table, I am sure you will be interested in what I have to say in the enclosed resume. With exceptional insight into setting up, using and maintaining tools and equipment associated with standard and complicated concrete pumps, and a mechanical attitude coupled with strong problem skills, I am a force to reckon with while in the field. 10 years of experience in this profession, handling rigging work, connecting hoses and evaluating site conditions before the start of each project, make me an excellent choice to hire.

Last year, I was responsible for singlehandedly operating 3 concrete pumps at the same time, during a crises situation that arose – with excellent results. If it is dynamics and professionalism that you are looking for, then I am your man!

I will be in touch with you soon to see if you have an empty time slot when we can meet in person. In the interim, please feel free to call me at (000) 874-2510.




Frank Son

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