4 Nurse Tech Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 27, 2022

Guidelines for anything are pertinent to each individual’s situation. The same goes for nurse technician interview guidelines.

Each individual will respond differently in an interview so there cannot possibly be a standard instruction parameter. However, all interviews have a few things in common so a “standard” recommendation may be possible to provide after all!

Before appearing in an interview, it is important to determine what an interview is all about in the first place. Interviews are necessary to gauge if the applicant really is as good as he declared in his resume and cover letter.

You can write anything you want to in resumes and cover letters but the actual tests start at the interview stage. So if you really are all that you declare that you are, well, you are in luck as you will ace the interview stage without any issues.

Go through a copy of your resume and cover letter before you appear for an interview. See what you have written in them and prepare yourself for questions about your claims.

Also, know the job description and the company inside out, as you will be tested on them too. Keep your preparation in check and you are a winner even before you answer your first interview question!

For a set of interview questions and answers for a nurse tech position, refer below:

Nurse Tech Interview Questions and Answers

1. What does patient care mean to you?

Everything that a nurse learns from day 1 in nursing school is about patient care. It is important to keep patients happy, comfortable, and as much out of pain as possible. Patient care is everything to a nursing professional.

2. Why does working as a nurse tech appeal to you?

The satisfaction and sense of achievement that one gets in providing care to people who are unable to look after themselves, is a feeling that is not surpassed by any other. This is my niche. Working as a nurse tech is appealing on many different levels, including the fact that providing direct patient care is extremely rewarding on a spiritual level.

3. What are some of the personality traits that help you in your work as a nurse tech?

I am very thorough when it comes to patient care. I try to understand instructions properly before carrying out any duty. I am compassionate with patients and their families and I have a calm nature that helps immensely during distressing or emergency situations.

4. Where do you see yourself 5 years from today?

Five years on, I would like to have gained enough experience and skills to work as a nurse manager in an oncology unit. That is what I have been aiming for since the first day of nursing school.