A cover letter for Spa Massage Therapist resume initiates your contact with a prospective employer and allows you to correspond in a gracious and personal way that is usually unattainable in a resume. A Spa Massage Therapist Cover Letter should be brief, well-structured and clear.

Before building your letter, carefully read the advertisement and job description so you can shape the letter accordingly. Don’t simply repeat the contents of your resume in the cover letter. Use the letter to tell a company why you’re a perfect candidate and to persuade hiring manager to select you for an interview.


Sample Cover Letter for Spa Massage Therapist Resume


5th Example Street
Houston, TX 32666

January 21, 2016

Ms. Sara Chris
Manager (Admin and HR)
Woodhouse Day Spa
222 West Windsor Road
Lubbock, TX 65999

Re: Spa Massage Therapist (Job # 3266)

Dear Ms. Chris:

I would like to be considered for a Spa Massage Therapist position at Woodhouse Day Spa. Utilizing my 50 hours of massage training and six months’ hands-on experience, I could be of worth to your company and customers.

As the enclosed resume indicates, I have hands-on experience in assisting guests with massage treatment and ensuring that guest request are being accommodated in a pleasant and polite manner. In addition, I am very expert in performing massage treatments per daily schedule, helping in operation of spa facilities, maintaining massage rooms and supplies and ensuring massage place is clean and safe at all times.

As a competent and friendly spa massage therapist, I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss this position in detail. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience. I will call you next week for follow-up. In the interim, you can reach me at (000) 676-7390.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Anna Smith