Social Media Marketing Resume Sample

Updated on: August 17, 2019

A social media marketing specialist must ensure that his or her resume talks about knowledge of the work particularly, as well as experience in it.

Since social media keeps evolving, not everyone can keep up with it.


However, if you have the necessary background to do justice to the job, your resume should highlight that you are the perfect person to hire.

As a social media marketing specialist, your focus should be on your experience in this arena and the skills that you have developed through experience.

This is what your resume should look like:



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Social Media Marketing Resume Sample


Selena Jackson
42 Red Lane, Denver, CO97045
(000) 999-9999


Highly competent social media marketing specialist, with 8+ years of solid track record in the arena. Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing core social media strategies and plans. Unmatched ability to stay current on social media trends, as well as competitor activity.


• Brand and Strategy Development
• Target Audience Identification
• Objective Setting
• Visual Designing
• Promotion Strategizing
• Customer Engagement
• Conversion Management
• ROI Establishment
• KPI Determination
• Data Analysis

• Successfully implemented back to back social media strategies, as a result, increased brand awareness by 65%
• Introduced the concept of target audience determination, hence, decreased strategy development timelines by 50%
• Trained 10 social media teams, as part of their induction period
• Devised a unique customer data analysis system, thereby, increased analytic efficiency by 80%


Social Media Marketing Specialist
PINK Inc., Denver, CO| 2015-Present

• Create, develop, and implement social media strategies in accordance with set metrics
• Define KPIs, and determine ROIs
• Manage and oversee social media content on different channels such as Facebook and Twitter
• Generate, edit, and publish daily content including texts and videos
• Build meaningful connections with customers through consistent interaction
• Set up and optimize company pages in order to increase visibility
• Moderate user-generated content in sync with moderation policies and procedures
• Create editorial calendars
• Track the growth and impact of implemented social media campaigns

Social Media Manager
Velva Co., Denver, CO | 2012-2015

• Drive development of timely and unique social media content
• Responded to customers’ questions and complaints on social media channels
• Monitored and analyzed social campaign performances
• Communicated insights from social community to marketing and customer services personnel

Master’s Degree in Business
Major: Marketing
ColoradoBusiness School, Denver, CO – 2009

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