Marketing Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: October 21, 2021

A resume that caters to a position in marketing is often challenging to write for one reason only, that is:

How do you convince an employer that you would be able to persuade customers to buy products or services?

It is indeed a daunting task to write a resume for a marketing position, particularly, for a marketing associate.

How to Write a Great Resume for Marketing Associate Job?

• Your resume is a selling tool; it should be concise, attractive, and easy to navigate.
• Build your resume in Microsoft Word using a Blank Document – avoid ready-made templates.
• Use plain font (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Verdana) on 11-12 pt size.
• Use uppercase in bold text to highlight section headings.

• A one-page resume is useful for students and entry-level candidates. Two to three pages for experienced professionals.
• Include the only information that is relevant to the employer’s needs.
• The professional world and hiring managers value briefness.

• If you are entering the marketing field place the education section after strengths and before experience.
• When listing experience and education section, use reverse chronological order; most recent education or jobs first.
• List the required and most relevant skills, qualifications, and experience at the top of each section.

Marketing Associate Resume Example

Malin Fox
800 Sinclair Street
Wabash, IN 68902
(000) 999-9010

Marketing Associate

Extremely motivated, creative, and energetic professional with over 7+ years’ hands-on experience in making the best marketing mix strategies. Consistently exceeded marketing objectives and increased bottom-line profits for the company. A quick decision-maker who has the ability to exceed targets by utilizing Lauterborn’s four Cs (consumer, cost, communication, and convenience).

• Strong background in maximizing customer response through effective planning and implementation of core marketing plans.
• Well-versed in identifying and creating new opportunities in order to manage the optimization of initiatives.
• Hands-on experience in forecasting trends and planning events and activities accordingly.

• Marketing Proposals
• Risk Assessment
• Problem Identification
• Competitor Monitoring
• Reports Preparation
• Project Management
• Social Media
• MS Office Suite
• Adobe In-design


Marketing Associate
Gartner, Wabash, IN
Oct 2014 – Present
• Support marketing functions by providing insight and physical assistance
• Undertake marketing analysis in order to determine market trends and characteristics
• Maintain liaison with the advertising department in order to acquire support for marketing directives
• Build marketing campaigns
• Conduct research on emerging and existing markets and forecast changes in the marketing environment
• Plan and organize brand and product familiarity

Key Accomplishments
• Maintained customer base and succeeded in acquiring loyalty and recurring business from existing and new customers.
• Attained the ‘Crux Award’ for continuously meeting targets.

Marketing Assistant
Aspen Heights, Wabash, IN
Feb 2011 – Oct 2014
• Provided market research assistance
• Wrote and edited press releases
• Assisted in designing and writing for marketing and sales material
• Provided support in managing and implementing promotional campaigns

Key Accomplishments
• Managed paperwork, records, and filing systems, which decreased retrieval time by 50%.
• Consistently generated additional revenues using product and promotion techniques.

Bachelor of Business Administration 
Indiana State University, Wabash, IN
Major: Marketing