Job Overview

Brand ambassadors are an integral part of a company’s marketing team and are required to market a brand in the media and the masses. They are trained personnel with a degree in marketing and are required to keep abreast of current trends in the industry.

If you are a qualified brand ambassador, then this cover letter will help you landing your dream job!

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Brand Ambassador Cover Letter Example


893 Morning Dove Way
Marsing, ID 73737

June 1, 2015

Mr. Fredrick Julius
Manager Human Resources
6674 Picabo Ct.
Marsing, ID 73838


Dear Mr. Julius:

My understanding of brands is simple – no company can thrive in this competitive world without a brand that has the capability to reach out to its target market. As an experienced professional with five years of experience endorsing company brands for various organizations, I’d like to put forward my services as a Brand Ambassador for Hershey’s.

With a good sized work profile boasting of excellence in branding activities, I am self trained in communicating changes in products and managing execution and development of a wide array of brands. My knowledge of competitive marketing techniques along with the ability to support brand and marketing initiatives to ensure absolute execution across all platforms has earned me considerable popularity as a brand ambassador. Moreover, my strong interpersonal skills are a key that I use to build meaningful relationships with all internal and external sources in order to provide a “kick” to all brands under my belt.

Possessing a high degree of self motivation along with an acute ability to drive sales with total professionalism, I am confident that I am the candidate you are looking for in order to fill this challenging position. I look forward to meeting with you at an interviews. Please feel free to contact me at (103) 333-3333 if you wish to speak to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Belinda Evans

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