Loan Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: June 3, 2019

Writing a resume to apply for that very juicy loan manager position that you know has opened up?

Wait! Let us get you there.


When you write a loan manager resume, your main focus should be on the content that it holds.

And a good format will make it easy for you to place information properly.

Technically, your resume should possess information about how much you know the work.

Initiating loan processes, and ensuring that they are followed through will be a major part of your work.


Here is how you can create a resume for a loan manager position:

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Loan Manager Resume Sample


Monica Rhodes
76 Vent Road SE, Sun Valley, ID 69534
(000) 965-8545


Highly professional individual, with 7+ years of solid track record in a loaning capacity. Demonstrated ability to handle the overall loan management process, including mortgage, consumer, and leasing products. Well-versed in designing and administering systems and procedures for each loan product.


– Process Improvement
– Training and Development
– Products Development
– Parameters Setting

– Systems Boarding
– Verification
– Work Flow Maintenance
– Follow-up

– Operations Supervision
– Change Management
– Reviews
– Reporting


  • Implemented a loan product development system, as a result, increased client base by 65%.
  • Improved ties between departments, thereby, decreased loan processing time by 80%.
  • Introduced technology into loan processing procedures, hence, improved system efficiency by 50%.
  • Trained 59 newly hired loan officers, as part of their induction program.


Loan Manager
Annie Mac Mortgage, Sun Valley, ID |2016-present

  • Create and implement core procedures and protocols for loan products.
  • Oversee loan officers’ work in order to ensure appropriate client liaison.
  • Check all loan requests, and approve or reject them according to set parameters.
  • Streamline loaning processes and procedures.
  • Oversee the verification procedure in order to ensure that loans are being administered properly.
  • Supervise the processing of loan operations, such as posting payments and payoffs.
  • Interact with staff members in order to help them improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • Check delinquent lists, and ensure that they are followed up properly.
  • Interview, hire and train loan officers in all areas of mortgage and personal loan.

Loan Officer
Premium Loans, Sun Valley, ID | 2012-2016

  • Greeted new and existing clients, and engaged them in conversation in order to determine their purpose of visit.
  • Provided loan product information based on clients’ requirements.
  • Assisted clients in filling out loan application forms.
  • Processed loan requests in accordance with set procedures and instructions.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Sun Valley Technical College, Sun Valley, ID 


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