Recruiting Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 24, 2017

Hiring someone at any position is a huge job which requires a lot of effort.

This is why hiring managers are often quite at edge when they are going through resumes and cover letters.

Where cover letters are concerned, the concentration is almost always on how well-structured the document is.

Cover letters go a long way in helping hiring managers decide what it is that a candidate possesses in terms of job knowledge and skills.

A cover letter that does not elicit this information is considered a failure. To make sure that your cover letter is not listed in this category, it is imperative to create one that “talks” to a hiring manager.

Standout cover letters are all the rage nowadays, as they do not conform to the “standards” of cover letter writing.

Here is a sample that you can use to write your own:


Recruiting Manager Cover Letter Example



November 24, 2017

Mr. Denver Lloyd
Human Resource Manager
Amhurst Corporation
2002 Henry Road
Sioux Falls, SD 32837


Dear Mr. Lloyd:

Recruitment efforts can easily go to waste if the person behind them is not conscientious. But conscientiousness is not the only skill that I offer in the role of a Recruitment Manager. As a highly experienced individual, with great leadership powers, and exceptional exposure to handling complex recruitment tasks, I am exactly what the doctor ordered for Amhurst Cirporation.

Over 10 years of experience is overseeing and leading recruitment efforts, makes me an excellent person to hire as a recruitment manager at your organization. Designing workable recruitment programs, and overseeing their execution is my niche.

Other than this, I am exceptionally talented in researching job advertisement options, and building the company’s professional network through relationships with human resource personnel, both internally, and externally, allowing me to delve deep into different sources, to acquire talent. Moreover, my skills in developing and implementing novel sourcing methods are quite highly polished, the benefit of which I would like your organization to obtain.

Positive that once you have been through my professional profile (enclosed), you will also agree that my skills are above par of other contenders for this job, I would like to take this connection further. I will contact your office soon to see if you have an available time slot to meet with me next week. In the meantime, please feel free to call me.



Raymond Hope
(000) 875-9654
Attachment: (Resume)