Business Operations Manager Key Skills and Abilities

Updated on: July 5, 2022

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to train an unskilled person to perform a highly skilled job?

If your answer is yes, you will know exactly how cumbersome it is to do this!

If you are unaware of the challenge that this poses, let us explain.

Your key skills are personal and professional attributes that you possess which make you a good person to hire. And these are judged on many levels.

Whether you know anything about the job for which you have applied is the first thing.

Then comes how well you can communicate and handle problems. And let’s not forget your ability to meet deadlines.

All these are key skills that you need to be able to survive in any work environment.

When a hiring manager picks up your resume or cover letter, he wants to know what it is that makes you tick.

Your experience and accomplishments are important too, but since these two are usually considered “past tense”, employers concentrate on your skills, which will eventually help their organization.

Skills are timeless – they are acquired and they remain.

A hiring manager would probably want to know what skills you possess which can be polished and used for the betterment of the company.

Mentioning them in your resume is extremely important – and this is how you can do this:

Business Operations Manager Skills and Abilities

• Able to select a course of action for enhancements to operational policies, procedures, and systems

• Highly skilled in ensuring that process improvement is effectively implemented through identification and measurement of best practices and policy changes

• First-hand experience in effectively communicating with and persuading personnel to obtain problem resolution, in a bid to add value to all transactions

• Well-versed in setting expectations and managing a team of managers and quality control specialists

• Hands-on experience in managing escalated issues and providing prompt solutions and recommendations for the future

• Effectively able to identify opportunities for operational improvements on a day-to-day basis, placing special focus on the efficacy of each outcome

• Proven record of effectively evaluating team performances and providing ongoing training and development

• Demonstrated ability to develop high-quality draft policies for expedited review by leadership and functional area leads

• Documented success in managing internal and external communications with personnel and agencies, focused on improving operational success

• Exceptional ability to develop and maintain policies, procedures, and processes to effectively manage financial, administrative, and business operations of assigned business units