Mold Maker Cover Letter Sample and Guidance

January 21, 2020

The most important thing that you will do when applying for a mold maker position is to write a cover letter. Through this document, the hiring manager will find out your capabilities, and suitability for this job.


Your cover letter should highlight that you are an experienced mold maker, and possess the right skill set to be able to work as a mold maker.

In particular, a mold maker’s cover letter should emphasize the candidate’s knowledge of building quality molds, troubleshooting mold problems, and scheduling repairs.

In addition, you should highlight the fact that you can use and maintain tools and equipment used for mold making in a proper manner. As far as personal skills are concerned, you should focus on your organizational abilities, and the ability to handle physically demanding work.

A cover letter sample for a mold maker position is provided below for your guidance:


Mold Maker Cover Letter Sample



Dimitri Felix
(000) 273-9974

January 21, 2020

Mr. Henry Kent
Human Resources Manager
Nypro Mold Inc.
255 Digger Road
Salt Lake City, UT 54021


Dear Mr. Kent:

As a passionate and results-driven mold maker, I am sending my job application to apply for the Mold Maker position at Nypro Mold Inc.

The position of a Mold Maker requires ideal skills in following laid out plans to process, fabricate, and assemble molds according to guidance and direction. I have these skills and more. Since I have worked as a mold maker for 7+ years, I have acquired the experience and skills necessary to be successful in this work. I do not only bring expertise but several years of consistently progressive skills development to your organization.

I have a firm understanding of designing and creating molds and can use machines and tools associated with this work with great expertise. Some of my main skills include the following:

• Utilizing CNC and 3D printed parts as mold masters
• Following safety directives and best practices within production centers
• Determining methods of manufacturing, parts lists, electrodes, and tools to be used
• Troubleshooting and debug molding problems

My passion is working with great diligence, ensuring that all assigned molding projects reach fruition stages within provided deadlines. With the track record and mold making abilities that I offer, you can be assured that I will make immediate contributions to your work.

I appreciate the time that you took out to read my application. I intend to drop in next week to see if you have a timeslot available to meet with me. If you would like to contact, please feel free to call me at (000) 273-9974.




Dimitri Felix



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