Title Examiner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 5, 2016

A resume tells the hiring manager what you have done in your professional life, a cover letter will let them know what you can do in the future. So that a resume talks about the profession, but a cover letter will talk about skills.

Everybody has a specific set of skills, and nobody else has them. That is to say, other people may have them but not in the specific set that you do. And it is your skills that you need, to convince the hiring manager to pick up your resume from among the hundreds of resumes that he will have received, and read it. This will make the difference between you making it to that all-important job interview, and getting lost in hyperspace.

And do remember – we’ve asked you to talk about skills, so do just that. Talk about skills, don’t talk about frills. Frills are when the person writing a cover letter wants to pretty it up so he uses flowery language or something of the sort. This will irritate the hiring manager, and your cover letter will go straight into the oblivion known as the “filing system”.


Title Examiner Cover Letter Sample


August 4, 2016

Mr. Tate McNab
Human Resources Manager
Jackson, Tory and Rand
2054 Main Street
Duluth, MN 23833


Dear Mr. McNab,

It is indeed gratifying when one comes across a job opportunity at a place one has wanted to work for a long time. I was fortunate enough to see your advertisement for a title examiner at Jackson, Tory and Rand, an organization I have wanted to join for some years.

As an experienced title examiner with demonstrated expertise in title examination and correlating activities for more than 17 years, I believe that your firm can benefit from my proficiency and experience. My skills seem to match your requirements remarkably well:

• Documented success in inspecting county records for residential and commercial properties, with a view to verifying ownership of all real estate
• Profound experience in working to resolve issues such as missing or contradictory information in title documents
• Adept at making UW decisions according to established guidelines, and liaising with underwriting legal teams
• Qualified take control of terrorist watch list and carry out name searches to ensure safety

I can fully communicate the value of my qualifications in person, and would therefore like to meet with you at a time of your choice. I shall call your office on Tuesday. In the meantime I am available at (000) 758-1421.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Caroline Amazon