Laboratory Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated October 17, 2021
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It is not a common thing for a hiring manager to receive a cover letter that speaks to him or her. It’s a rarity.

But all applicants for a job need to aim for this.

If your cover letter is the best one out there, there is a huge chance that the next step will be the interview.

However, cover letter writing can go horribly wrong as well. If you do not bother with the basics, your cover letter will lack the structure that it requires.

Writing a cover letter is hardly rocket science, but there are a few technicalities that you need to look out for. When you write one, make sure that it says what the hiring manager wants to read.

If it doesn’t, it is much worse than not sending in one at all! Have a look at the following cover letter sample for the position of laboratory manager, to see how you should word yours:

Laboratory Manager Cover Letter Example

Joey Mason
(000) 258-8541
joey @ email . com

October 17, 2021

Mr. Gary Lord
Human Resource Manager
Eurofins Biodiagnostics Inc.
109 Davis Lane
Athol, ID 10093

Dear Mr. Lord:

As an experienced and dedicated laboratory manager, with extensive exposure to providing leadership and guidance to a busy laboratory, I will be a great asset to your company in the lab manager role. A quick review of the enclosed resume will provide you with a solid overview of my experience and expertise in this regard.

Having worked as a laboratory manager for many years now, I am aware of all there is about the management of a laboratory, as far as operations and backend work is concerned. Not only am I credited with handling this end of the work, but I am also a force when it comes to hiring and training laboratory personnel, and ensuring that they are provided with the best in support, aiming to ensure that they work exceptionally.

I am well versed in creating and maintaining positive liaison with a number of external and internal agents, to ensure delivery of supplies, equipment, and instruments in a timely manner, ensuring that procedural downtime is eradicated.

Confident that Eurofins Biodiagnostics Inc. will greatly benefit from my skills and experience in the role of a laboratory manager, I would like to further shed light on my abilities in a personal meeting with you. I will email you after a few days to follow up and can be contacted at (000) 258-8541 for any required information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joey Mason
(000) 258-8541