30 Store Keeper Interview Questions and Answers

Updated October 27, 2022

If you are a storekeeper who is waiting for an interview, you should be prepared well beforehand.

Going through possible questions and answers will help you in the interview.

Usually, store keeper interviews include a set of behavioral and work-related questions.

An interviewer will ask you what you know about handling a store in terms of retail, and administration, but will also want to know how you respond to certain situations.

Hence, it is imperative to be good at answering both types of questions.

30 Store Keeper Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I have been working worked in the retail field since I finished college. I have worked as a storekeeper for 2 years.

2. As a store keeper, what specific duties have you performed?

Having worked as a storekeeper for 2 years, I have performed many duties including managing the opening and closing of the store, and vendor relations. Hiring and training store employees to perform well in their roles have also been part of my work. I have also been actively managing stock, handling rotation work, and overseeing accounts.

3. What skills do you possess which make you an excellent person to work as a storekeeper?

My organizational skills, along with in-depth knowledge of the retail world make me a great contender for this position. In addition to this, I am well-versed in overseeing staff members in order to ensure that they perform well.

4. What do you like most about this work?

I love retail work. Since this work is exactly what I want to do, there isn’t a single day spent at work that I find boring.

5. What do you dislike about this work?

I wouldn’t say that I dislike anything about this work, but I feel that it is a bit sad that the right kind of people does not relate much to this industry, making human resources a huge issue.

6. Where did you hear about this job opportunity?

I have been scanning the classifieds on many sites quite often, as I have been looking for the right opportunity for myself. I came across your advertisement for this vacancy in one of those ads.

7. Why do you want to work with our company specifically?

I am looking for an opportunity where I can apply my skills in the best way possible way, and your organization I believe provides that perfectly.

8. Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership skills.

Once, I was asked to lead a team of newly hired sales representatives through a training procedure, while being a sales representative myself at this time. In the absence of the store manager, I succeeded in developing and implementing a training program which led to great accolades, as well as solid appreciation from the new members.

9. Tell me about a time you failed.

I have seen many failures in life which I believe make us successful. The one that I would like to mention was when I was asked by a manager to create a deal with a vendor, which I could not do because I had not prepared myself for the meeting.

10. Why do you want to leave your current job?

I am actually already between jobs. I did not leave my last job – the store closed down due to the pandemic.

11. What are you looking for in a new position?

I am looking for an opportunity to contribute to a large retail environment, as I am sure that my skills are excellent for it.

12. What type of work environment do you like the best?

I love working in a work environment that provides learning, and mentorship.

13. Have you ever worked in a perfect environment?

I have worked in great environments, where my skills were put to excellent use.

14. How do you deal with pressure?

Work-related pressure is all part of the game, and I deal with it quite casually, never letting it affect my work.

15. What is your greatest strength?

I feel that my greatest strength is getting along with people from all walks of life. It is especially important when working in retail.

16. What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest weakness is my thirst for doing more than I can do physically.

17. What motivates you?

I am highly motivated by work that tests me as a professional. Challenges make me want to work more and more.

18. What demotivates you?

Responsibility without authority demotivates me immensely. I feel that if I am given responsibility, there should be trust attached to it.

19. How do you like to be managed?

I like being managed in a respectful way. I feel that I am a thorough professional, and deserve not to be micromanaged.

20. Tell me about an achievement that you have to your name.

I have many achievements to my name but the one that I would like to narrate is as follows:
I was once asked to create an entire store event for an upcoming holiday and was given less than 2 days for it. It was a lot of ground area to cover, so the challenge was quite big. With my insightfulness and professionalism, I managed to put up the event in time and was awarded a prize for it as well.

21. How do you achieve your career goals?

I firmly believe that you can only achieve your career goals if you work hard for them. There is no other way, which is why I always strive for excellence and ensure that my hard work pays off.

22. Out of all the candidates, why should you be our choice?

I am highly experienced in retail, and that too in a similar work environment as yours. If you see my profile, you will notice that the skills set, and experience that I possess is far superior to any you may have seen.

23. Tell me about a time that you were part of an altercation with a coworker or customer?

Altercations with customers have never been my thing. I keep things very simple and respectful with them. I did have a bit of an argument with a coworker once. We were trying to handle a particularly complicated merchandising display, and he was getting tired, as it was taking a long time. We had instructions to follow on how it should be set up, so we were trying to follow those. In a fit of anger and frustration, my coworker kicked the display which was half-built already, and it all fell down. I got a bit upset, which led to an argument. But I managed to calm myself down, asked the coworker to leave, and did the display on my own.

24. What has been the toughest decision that you have had to make?

Reporting on my manager for misconduct was the toughest decision that I have had to make in my career. I knew what I had to do, and I wanted to do it immediately, but it took me about 3 hours of deep thinking before I could do it.

25. Have you ever disagreed with a decision? What did you do?

I have disagreed with decisions in the past, but the one I remember was when a coworker wanted to give a customer a discount for no reason, and I stepped in. I very politely told the coworker that he would get into trouble. He argued a little, but then it was settled that no discount was applicable, so none will be offered.

26. How would other people describe you?

I am sure that I will be described as an individual with high morals, and an excellent work manner.

27. What do you like to do outside of work?

I like working in the garden, as I have quite a green thumb.

28. If we decide to hire you, when can you join us?

Since I am between jobs, I can join your company immediately.

29. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself in a training and development model, with more than 5 teams under my watch.

30. Do you have any questions for me?

Yes, I would like to know the retail structure of your stores, as I find it intriguing how well you manage them.

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