Inventory Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: November 11, 2021
Position Overview

Inventory control is a huge process that requires many people to handle.

One person who is responsible for the overall system is an inventory coordinator who makes sure that inventory systems are properly designed and implemented, and that their maintenance is made a top priority.

On a typical day, an Inventory Coordinator oversees inventory procedures closely and supervises incoming shipments. Ensuring that appropriate storage is assigned to received items and balancing the inventory system efficiently will be an everyday task for them.

The basic idea behind hiring inventory coordinators is to ensure that supplies are kept on hand and that orders are properly input, filled and packed and of course, delivered in a timely manner.

Performing inventory cycle counts and ensuring that no inaccuracies occur is of the utmost importance in this job.

Educational Requirements

Even though you need just a high school diploma or a GED to be eligible for an inventory coordinator position, you have to be exceptionally organized and have the knack to deal with people.

Skills & Abilities

To work in this position, one has to be meticulous and organized. Since a lot depends on how well an inventory system is managed, inventory coordinators are considered very important people.

What follows is a list of duties that you will be performing as an inventory coordinator:

Inventory Coordinator Job Description and Duties for Resume

• Develop, maintain and implement core systems to manage the procurement of raw materials.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of items.

• Receive incoming items and ensure that they conform to work orders and invoices.

• Check each item to ensure that it conforms to quality standards and make sure that quantity requirements are also met.

• Manage material, suppliers, and contingency plans to ensure material availability and inventory turns.

• Label and mark materials with identifying information and ensure that inventory cycle counts are properly managed.

• Investigate inventory inaccuracies and discrepancies and make sure that they are addressed and resolved.

• Move stock/items to appropriate locations and ensure that they are properly stored.

• Ensure proper supply levels.

• Send alerts to procurement managers in case of low inventory levels.

• Contact new vendors to ask for quotes and prices for bulk orders and negotiate prices with them.

• Ensure that all company safety and risk management procedures (pertaining to inventory control) are followed.

• Prepare purchase orders by verifying specifications and prices and obtaining recommendations from suppliers regarding substitute items.

• Maintain and analyze inventory transactions and handle delivery scheduling duties.

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