Inventory Control Supervisor Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 28, 2017

Our skills are usually our best kept secrets. Not intentionally, but we often end up not disclosing them because we don’t know that by doing so, we are doing no one but ourselves a great favor. How is that? Well, based on our skills, we can convince a hiring manager to give us a chance to prove ourselves in a real time environment. Hiring managers are difficult to please with information of experience only. They need a little more to base their hiring decisions on. Once they find out about a candidate’s skills, it becomes somewhat less difficult for them to decide if the person is worth anything at all.

How does one mention one’s skills in an inventory control supervisor resume? There is only one proper way of doing this – use bullets to define what your capabilities are. But first, find out what they are yourself. Unless you know what you are capable of, you cannot possibly write anything in a resume. Self-analysis is step one. How good are you at what you are expected to do? What special abilities do you possess that make you an excellent person for the company to hire? How well will you be able to perform once you are hired? All these need to be answered in the skills section of your resume – not literally though.

Here is a list of skills that an inventory control supervisor can use on his or her resume:

Sample Skills for Inventory Control Supervisor Resume

• Proficient in developing and monitoring inventory cycle counts and conducting thorough analysis of inventory systems and operations

• Highly skilled in managing plant receiving teams to ensure consistently operational inventory systems

• Well-versed in identifying necessary counts and incorporate process improvement programs as and when necessary

• Exceptionally talented in developing and standardizing inventory reports to be utilized by purchasing, operations and financial leadership

• First-hand experience in performing thorough research and document inventory discrepancies using available resources to identify root causes and supply possible solutions

• Familiar with proactively optimizing the overall location and item level accuracy, and maintain productivity levels to the highest levels

• Adept at directly supervising and overseeing the daily operations of the inventory to ensure efficient processes

• Proven ability to develop, maintain and analyze quality and performance metrics to ensure well-placed inventory systems

• Effectively able to make recommendations for improvements to current systems based on solid data

• Demonstrated ability to champion, measure and drive inventory accuracy and drive improved picking and kitting accuracy and performance