Tesco Team Leader Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 25, 2016


Interviewers love tricking candidates into providing the wrong answer.

These tricks are not performed for their amusement though.

This is how they discover how quick you are in determining solutions. Keep your guard up and make sure that you do not fall for them.

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Tesco Team Leader Interview Questions and Answers

Working as a team leader at a giant like Tesco is no child’s play. How can you convince us that you will be a contributory factor to the company?
I work extremely well with people. Building teams to work towards specific sales and marketing goals is my forte. The fact that I am a critical thinker, perceptive, conscientious and methodical makes it easy for me to hire and train just the right type of people to work as part of my team. My sales and marketing knowledge is profound, which makes it possible for me to work towards both financial and customer satisfaction goals. Since Tesco is all about good customer services, I believe that I will be an immediate contributory factor if hired as a team leader here.

How do you feel about working with / training new people?
Meeting new people every day is one of the most interesting parts of working as a team leader at a giant like Tesco. I love meeting new people as I am the friendly sort and enjoy getting to know and learn from others. As far as training is concerned, it is great channelizing raw energy into something concrete – it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Why do you want to work for Tesco specifically?
Just as the Tesco mission statement edicts, I want to create value for customers and aim to earn their lifetime loyalty. This is the main goal that I want to strive towards, while providing customers with the best available service from Tesco staff. Since the company and I share this vision, working at Tesco makes great sense.

What was one major challenge that you faced in a previous job? And how did you overcome it?
While I was working at Macy’s, I was asked to develop and train a new team of sales representatives and support staff (for a new branch opening soon) within the short time period of 3 months. Since both time and resources were limited, I was initially at my wits’ end. I managed to hire 14 sales personnel but was uneasy sending them to handle a new branch since their training was minimal. To handle this problem, I made a team of existing, experienced sales representatives and some new ones and allocated them to the new store, while making a similar team for my own store. This made the teething period for the new branch easier as it had a trained team (with only little room for improvement).

How do you handle customer complaints?
The first thing I do is investigate why the customer is complaining. Once I know the background, I make sure that the problem is dealt with at the root level. Since customer satisfaction is primary, I make sure that any issues at our end are properly handled and similar situations do not occur.

Do you know what Tesco’s strap line is?
Yes. Tesco’s strap line is Every Little Helps.