6 Subway Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 4, 2022

Do you see yourself as a nervous wreck, sitting across the table from an interviewer?

Must be nerve-wracking!

How does one manage this situation?

This situation can only be managed before the situation arises.

If you are due to appear for an interview, look through possible questions that you may be asked.

For a job at Subway, the following interview questions and answers will help you!

Subway Interview Questions and Answers

1. What was your motivation behind working as a sandwich artist at Subway?

Everyone wants to work for an organization that “tells it like it is.” Subway has always been true to its word where delivering quality food and service is concerned. Since the company was one of the first organizations to provide customers with a clear view of how their sandwich is made, I believe that it is the honesty of the whole thing that got me interested in the first place. And after working as a sandwich artist here, I am spoiled for working elsewhere!

2. Eventually, where do you see yourself professionally speaking?

In a couple of years from now, I hope to work as a restaurant manager at Subway. Once I am aware of all the challenges that the position offers, I will be better equipped to handle them.

3. If a customer asked you to make a perfect sandwich at your own will, what would be the ingredients?

If the customer does not provide me with any choice of his own, I would make a sandwich out of parmesan oregano bread. The ingredients would be roasted chicken, bacon, turkey, iceberg lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, gherkins, onion rings, olive oil, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and crushed oregano!

4. What has been your biggest challenge working at Subway?

I was once presented with a huge dish and asked by a customer to create a “duck” salad – he meant shaped like a duck. While I initially declined to do so, I took up the challenge and came out shining since I had managed to fashion a duck out of lettuce, olives, tomatoes, gherkins and turkey bacon!

5. How do you handle customer dissatisfaction, especially in the event of an angry customer whose anger is aimed at you?

While I do whatever I can to make sure that customers do not leave the premises dissatisfied, an unhappy customer now and then is the norm. My first instinct is to apologize, even before I know if it is my fault or not. I then try to determine what happened and if the fault is on my end, I apologize and compensate according to what my employer allows me.

6. In what manner is a sandwich artist’s work difficult?

There are two aspects to this. One has to stay on ones feet for long periods of time, making the process a bit difficult, especially during rush hours. The other side is standardization. While all ingredients are standardized, is difficult to put in the exact amount of sauces or lettuce leaves every time, even with a lot of practice.