Housekeeping Aide Cover Letter with No Experience

Updated: March 1, 2022

 A positive and upbeat housekeeping aide cover letter can go a long way in impressing an employer into hiring you – or at least, calling you in for an interview.

Even if the housekeeping aide position for which you have applied only asks for a resume, always send in a cover letter as well.

Your cover letter will be welcomed even if an employer hasn’t specifically asked for it.

When you have no experience in the housekeeping field, you may consider making your cover letter even more profound.

Yes, this is possible to do.

Your lack of experience does not necessarily reflect your lack of ability to perform housekeeping work.

Showing that you want to work for the company and outlining all the knowledge that you have about the organization or the industry, will go a long way in making you come across as a viable candidate for the job.

Downplaying “I” and emphasizing “you” is what an employer-focused cover letter is all about.

Talk about yourself but write what you want to say in such a manner that it seems as if you exist because you want to serve!

Customize your letter to the requirements of the job particularly and you will be hired in a second.

Here is a sample to help you:

Entry Level Housekeeping Aide Cover Letter with No Experience

Tara White
854 7th Street
Bridgeport, CT 52110
(000) 989-6765
Tara @ email . com

March 1, 2022

Mr. James Newark
Hiring Manager
Pine Place
2225 Charles Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 44466

Dear Mr. Newark:

I am enthusiastically writing to apply for the housekeeping aide position at Pine Place. Knowing your hotel’s reputation in excellent guest service provision, I am confident that I will surpass your expectation from a housekeeping aide!

As someone who is familiar with performing cleaning and sanitizing duties within a hotel environment, along with possessing deep knowledge of preventative maintenance practices and protocols, I will be nothing less than an asset to The Pine Place.

Being positive that my talents in housekeeping will be useful to you, I will call you soon to set up an interview date and time. Should you wish to reach me before that, please call at (000) 989-6765.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tara White