Vascular Technologist Resume Sample

To build a good resume for Vascular technologist position, it is important to know yourself and to know your reader.

Reflecting your competencies:
The main purpose of your resume is to communicate and reflect all those skills and competencies that you offer in capacity of a vascular technologist. To do this, you must be aware of your strengths and should be having a list of your relevant experience, accomplishments and qualifications.

Addressing the reader’s needs:
Relevance really matters when it comes to resume writing. Your resume will not get the desired attention unless and until the employer finds it relevant to the job opening. Find out the exact requirements for the hiring firm and address the same in your resume. Optimize and highlight the most wanted skills. Convince them that you offer what they seek.

Below is a vascular technologist resume sample for your guidance:


Vascular Technologist Resume Sample


Susan Gregory

302 Flagship Sq • Miami, FL 29199 • (004) 222 – 1111 • susan @ email . com

PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: Diligent and accurate Vascular Technologist with a solid experience in conducting thorough non invasive vascular testing in a friendly and courteous manner. Particularly effective in diagnostic scanning, patient preparation and equipment handling. In depth knowledge of hemodynamic and vascular anatomy.


RVT RegistrationSite AccreditationQuality Assessment
Equipment MaintenanceICAVL AdherenceVascular Diagnosis
BLS CertifiedPeripheral ImagingPre Scan Preparation
Test/ USG SchedulingPhysiologic TestingLab Management

• Implemented ICAVL issued guidelines for quality enhancement of testing procedures and achieved 100% statistical accuracy in diagnostic findings.
• Reconciled previous records with patient histories and initiated a sound mechanism for clinical correlation after every test.
• Engineered the X ray equipment to enhance the digital image quality by 50% enabling better diagnostic arbitrations.


Lead Vascular Technologist 7/2010 to Present

• Conduct diagnostic assessments and correlate the same clinically in light of case history
• Ensure that all infection control procedures are being followed at the department
• Supervise the use and handling of x-ray and ultrasound machinery
• Coordinate lab schedules and manage patient appointments

Jr. Vascular Technologist, 4/2006 to 6/2010

• Maintained updated patient data in the department system utilizing various software including Vascuebase
• Conducted vascular anatomy studies and captured images as and when deemed necessary for comprehensive lab report compilation and consultant reference
• Prepared the patients before scanning and briefed them regarding the procedure

ARMDS, Miami, FL, 2006
B.S, Allied Health

• Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish
• Excellent rapport building skills
• Demonstrated ability to maintain patient privacy

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