Vascular Technologist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on June 9, 2018

A cover letter is a fantastic platform to communicate your personality, potential, enthusiasm, and competency to the prospective employer. Whenever you apply for a vascular technologist position, make sure your application includes a cover letter.


In order to write an effective cover letter that makes the employer want to have a detailed look at your enclosed resume you need to follow contemporary letter writing guidelines:

• Address the letter by name to the concerned HR person

• Open strong. Give a powerful trailer of your candidacy in the first paragraph

• Do not repeat your resume, instead support it by mentioning supplementary achievements that speak of your potential as a vascular technologist

• State your plan of action for follow up in the end

Below is a vascular technologist cover letter sample for your guidance.


Vascular Technologist Cover Letter Example


Roger Gates
544 Rainbow Sq, Denver, CO 67473
(005) 222-6222

June 9, 2018

Mr. Fredrick Blake
Denver Health Care
402 Evergreen Lane
Denver, CO 67473


Dear Mr. Blake:

If you are seeking a crafty and knowledgeable vascular technologist, who is proficient in capturing high-quality images of vascular anatomical regions under study, submitting accurate diagnostic reports made to the consultant’s demands preparing the patients before scanning, then your search ends here.

My extensive knowledge of and interest in Human vascular anatomy coupled with vast experience of conducting peripheral vascular X-ray and USG studies and providing 100% correct clinical correlation for the same has earned me a reputation of being the most accurate vascular technologist at my previous workplace.

4+ years of supervisory experience as Lead Vascular Technician with the North West hospital has polished my administrative skills to a great extent. In my previous job role, I have been responsible for conducting diagnostic vascular studies, authenticating medical reports and supervising non invasive vascular anatomical testing activities in the lab. I have excelled in the above mentioned tasks and my two promotions during the past year are a proof of it.

A close look at my enclosed resume – featuring my professional qualifications and accomplishments in detail – will convince you that I am the exact candidate you seek for the open Vascular Technologist position. I excitedly anticipate a meeting with you, Mr. Blake, and intend to follow up my application on next Thursday.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Roger Gates

Encl. Resume