Whole Foods Overview

Whole Foods Market is an American food supermarket which was founded in 1978 in Austin, Texas. As a major food supermarket chain, Whole Foods Market has now expanded over the USA and now also has a strong footing the UK. Whole Foods Market is a public company which has shares on the NASDAQ Stock Market and is popular for its product quality and exceptional service.

In order to keep up its reputation as a quality foods market, Whole Foods employs many professionals at different levels. Owing to the fact that there are many health conscious people looking for organic food, Whole Foods is popular due to its claims of “minimally processed foods.” To keep this tradition going, Whole Foods hires competent professionals whether it is a manager or cashier. The following cover letter example can be deemed useful for you if you are looking for a position in Whole Foods.


Whole Foods Cover Letter Example


60 W 44th Place
Roeland Park, KS 72812

November 24, 2014

Mr. William Goodman
Human Resource Manager
Whole Foods Market
100 Broadmoor Road
Roeland Park, KS 79011


Dear Mr. Goodman:

What interested me tremendously – when I was skimming through the Whole Foods website – is the “Unacceptable Food Ingredients” list that you have published. To me, it is synonymous to dedication and honesty and it would be an honor to work as a Cashier for an organization that is so welled–up in professionalism.

I have a strong background in handling cash and credit card transactions along with providing customers with one-on-one services. Since I began my career as a team member, I possess great insight into how customers need to be dealt with in a food supermarket. I am comfortable with handling special requests and dealing with adverse situations which makes me an excellent point of contact where customer issues are concerned.

Moreover, my physical agility and diverse mentality makes it easy for me to work in different roles that a food supermarket hosts. Keeping in mind Whole Foods business ideology, I am confident that I will be able to provide it with the professionalism and hard work that it deserves.

With great enthusiasm in working for one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”, as is depicted in Fortune Magazine, I offer my resume for your consideration. So that we may arrange a time to meet and discuss this role, I will call your office in a week. I can also be reached at (444) 444-4444.

Thank you very much for your consideration.



Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins

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