Manicurist and Pedicurist Cover Letter Sample & Guidance

Updated on: May 20, 2020
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A manicurist and pedicurist will need to write a professional cover letter in order to reach the top of the candidate pool.

In your cover letter, highlight your skills in performing high-end grooming services for hands and feet.

Previous experience and acquired skills in performing manicures and pedicures will go a long way in helping you beat the rest of the candidates to the top positions.

When you write your cover letter for a manicurist/pedicurist position, make sure that you highlight your knowledge of clipping, trimming, and buffing nails.

Also, concentrate on your ability to determine the right kinds of nail services for each client, based on their skin and nail types.

In addition, your cover letter should emphasize that you are an excellent individual to hire because you are service-oriented, and clients love to come back to you.

What follows is a cover letter sample for a manicurist/pedicurist position that you can take ideas from:

Manicurist and Pedicurist Cover Letter Example

Sally Cordy
(000) 213-5122
[email protected]

May 20, 2020

Ms. Janet Simpson
Human Resource Manager
Mirror Image Salon
188 High Point Road
Montgomery, AL 28655

Dear Ms. Simpson:

I am writing to express my interest in the manicurist/pedicurist job with Mirror Image Salon. I learned about your salon through the grapevine initially but quickly determined that it was the best in the area in terms of quality services.

Presently, I am working for Mandy’s Cutting Edge, where my work involves personal services for hands and feet. While I have comprehensive experience in all salon services, my emphasis is on manicures and pedicures.

Some of my key skills in this area include:

  1. Performing an initial consultation to determine clients’ specific nail and skin requirements.
  2. Providing excellent nail, hands, and feet services.
  3. Maintaining safety and sanitation by recognizing nail diseases, and sterilizing tools properly.
  4. Managing nail care products by keeping track of inventory, and ordering supplies before they run out.

In addition to the above, I am well-versed in offering nail care treatments to clients looking for nail strengthening, and upselling salon products.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss this role in greater detail. Please let me know if you need any further information from me by contacting me at (000) 213-5122.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sally Cordy

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