Athletic Director Skills

Updated on: April 17, 2018

Showing hiring managers that you are a skilled individual, and how you managed to develop your skills is important.

And what better way to do this than in a resume and cover letter?

These two job application documents provide you with a great chance to prove your worth to a prospective employer.

Ensuring that your skills are communicated properly will be highly appreciated by a hiring manager who wants nothing more than to hire the absolute best for the job.

However, profoundly writing your skills is not easy. You have to make sure that they ring true. If you cannot elicit this information correctly, there is no point in writing a skills section in the first place. Go back to the drawing board, and figure out how you can write your skills statements in a manner that is acceptable to a hiring manager.

Your skills can be related to the job for which you are applying or those that are inherent to your personality. Whichever job you apply for, you have to make sure that all associated skills are mentioned. These may include effective leadership and management abilities, excellent communication skills, exceptional resilience, interpersonal abilities, problem-solving capabilities, and ability to multitask, to name a few.

For an athletic director position, the following skills list can be referred to for ideas. Take a look!


Sample Skills for Athletic Director

• Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing specific athletic programs, and directing and coordinating a full range of athletic department services and programs.

• Effectively able to supervise the utilization of athletic facilities and coordinate athletic uses of training and weight room facilities.

• Deep familiarity with overseeing the production of athletics handbooks, bulletins, and other publications, for awareness purposes.

• Highly skilled in assisting in the design and development of athletic websites, by providing core information regarding services and facilities.

• Qualified to coordinate with coaches about the scheduling of games and practices, with a particular focus on prioritization.

• Competent in providing insight and training to coaches, aimed at ensuring delivery of a coordinated athletics program.

• Proficient in handling recruitment activities, pertaining to hiring, and developing coaches, and staff members for the athletics program.

• Adept at developing, managing, coordinating, and supervising a range of competitive athletic programs.

• Well-versed in providing visionary leadership, strategic planning, and policy development assigned athletics programs.

• Focused on ensuring athletics program compliance with all national and facility rules and regulations.

• Experienced in overseeing sports programs and events, and the logistics of sports teams, associated with the facility.