Athletic Director Resume Sample

Updated on: April 19, 2018

A resume is the backbone of an Athletic Director job application set.

If not written with care, it can make the entire set fall.

To see what format you can base your resume on to make it successful, have a look at the following sample:




Athletic Director Resume Sample



Craig Wright
10 Kentucky Boulevard, Deadwood, SD 60321
(000) 123-4354
[email protected]


Exceptionally talented athletic director with over 8 years of experience directing and leading coaches and athletic department employees. Effectively able to create and implement core athletic programs, to meet the facility’s goals and missions.

• Highly skilled in developing, managing, coordinating, and supervising competitive athletics programs.
• Demonstrated expertise in providing visionary leadership, strategic planning, and policy development for athletics programs.
• Qualified to maintain athletics programs, which are in sync with the facility’s strategic priorities.
• Competent in administering the overall athletics budget, ensuring that any requirements for funds are handled in a profound manner.


Strategic Planning Program Development Leadership
Policy Development Facility Compliance Events Oversight
Process Improvement Program Coordination Recruitment
Coaching Evaluation Contests Scheduling Funds Management

• Responsible for mentoring a team of rugby players, which resulted in them winning 3 consecutive matches, on a national level.
• Implemented an evaluation program, which proactively evaluated the skills of coaches, and identified weak areas.
• Singlehandedly managed to create and implement a series of procedures, to ensure departmental success.
• Simultaneously oversaw 2 major athletics events, both of which were highly successful.


Athletic Director
Paradise Valley College, Deadwood, SD| 6/2010 – Present
• Work with facility management to determine specifics of required athletic programs.
• Create, develop, and implement a series of athletics programs, to meet the specific requirements of all athletes.
• Mentor and train the coaches to ensure delivery of well-placed coaching to student-athletes.
• Plan and schedule athletics events for the entire, year, in relation to the facility’s regulations and calendars.
• Initiate the recruitment and training of coaches, making employment recommendations where necessary.
• Oversee the execution of athletic contests, and ensure that any issues related to them are managed in a proper manner.
• Ascertain that all athletes are provided with a positive environment to operate in, focusing on motivating them continuously.
• Direct and coordinate a full range of department services and programs, related to athletics.

Athletics Coach
Richard School System, Deadwood, SD| 2/2009 – 5/2010
• Communicated rules and procedures for each game or sport to student athletes.
• Created and implemented a full range of athletic programs, for the entire year.
• Oversaw the execution of sports programs, ensuring that it was smooth and well-executed.
• Coached student athletes by providing them with information on rules and regulations.
• Emulated gameplay, according to the specifics of each game, in a bid to help athletes understand the game.

South Dakota State University, Deadwood, DD – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education