VBA Developer Resume Example

Updated on: March 4, 2018

You cannot write a compelling VBA Developer resume if you do not have all the information at hand.

Collect data regarding your qualifications, academics, skills, and accomplishments, and organize them.

Take a look at the following sample to get more ideas.





VBA Developer Resume Example



William Red

1882 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA17522
(000) 325-5241


Nine years of hands-on experience in designing, configuring, developing, and implementing enhancements and production fixes to existing systems. Successful track record of developing new systems, and providing tier 2 technical support. Uses best practices and appropriate patterns to build software solutions.


✓ Security Gaps Mitigation ✓ System Development
✓ High-Performance Data Access Layers ✓ System Scope Defining
✓ Query Development ✓ Database Programming
✓ Procedures Modification ✓ Troubleshooting
✓ Designing and Implementation ✓ System Revisions
✓ Macros Migration ✓ Application Development
✓ WPF, MVVM, and C#✓ ✓ Entity Framework

• Successfully developed and implemented a procedures modification system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Designed and implemented a system consisting of 88 modules.
• Implemented a micros migration system, which proved to be highly successful.
• Introduced a module, which dynamically analyzed and converted business requirements, aiding VBA application development.


VBA Developer
Blue Canopy, Oakland, CA | 4/2014 – Present
• Build VBA prototypes, and small-scale applications, along with scripts, to automate Excel spreadsheets
• Provide support in the development, enhancement, and maintenance of MS Office applications
• Design tactical applications, ensuring the standards best practices and procedures are kept into account
• Leverage end-user computing products, aimed at executing critical analysis and processing functions
• Develop technical and user information manuals, ensuring that they can be interpreted properly
• Identify and participate in process re-engineering and redesign activities to achieve better controls and compliance
• Support both internal and IRS audits, and participate in self-assessment testing
• Ascertain that tight controls over owned processes are maintained

VBA Developer Assistant
Space X, Oakland, CA | 2/2009 – 4/2014
• Assisted in the defining system scope and objective based on user definitions
• Devised and modified procedures to resolve complex problems considering computer equipment capacity
• Analyzed and revised existing system logic difficulties, and documentation
• Assisted in handling query development, and application development work
• Provided support for existing projects by troubleshooting assistance

California State University, Oakland, CA – 2009
Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences