Software Developer Job Description for Resume

Updated on June 9, 2018

Designing, developing and testing of software is the primary work of a software developer. As a software developer, you will be working with clients to understand their business requirements and ensure that they are provided with efficient systems.

Job Scope

Software developers are hired across almost all industries; the technology boom in the recent decades has paved the way for people looking for work in this capacity.

So you may be working in a financial environment, transport industry or public organizations depending on what your specific interest is. Working as a software developer, you may be working on new software or existing ones depending on what your client wants. You will review current systems, present ideas and provide cost proposals.

Working closely with analysts and designers, software developers produce detailed software specifications and write program codes. Once the software is developed, it is the job of a software developer to make sure that it runs correctly by testing it. It is also his or her responsibility to maintain systems and make sure that any troubleshooting is handled on an immediate basis.


To work as a software developer, you will need to possess a strong educational background in computer sciences. You will need to be technically savvy and possess skills in Java, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle, Linux, and HTML.

Sample Job Description for Software Developer Resume

• Confer with clients to understand their technical needs in relation with their business
• Determine operational feasibility and suggest what software solutions will be suitable
• Review current systems and present ideas for improvements
• Work with analysts and designers to create plans for developing effective software solutions
• Develop and present detailed specifications and write codes according to set requirements
• Design step by step flowcharts to determine how a code needs to be written
• Ensure that the developed solution is tested in a controlled environment
• Work on any bugs are shortcomings and retest solutions to ensure appropriate integration into present systems
• Prepare training manuals for users and guide them through the initial phases
• Ensure that developed solutions are in sync with the requirements of clients
• Diagnose and troubleshoot problems with newly developed and existing software
• Make sure that all software development tasks are documented properly
• Handle maintenance work on freshly developed and current software
• Ensure that final tests are performed prior to going “live”
• Handle compatibility issues and fix technical problems on “live” systems