A bar attendant serves drinks to guests entering in the bar. From time to time, s/he might also have to dish up food, which depends on the company of service.

A Cover Letter for a Bar Attendant Resume is a key element of your job application set because it gives your first impression to your future employer. A well-written letter can set you apart from the loads of other eligible candidates. An applicant with an exceptional cover letter will certainly get noticed at once by the employer. This ultimately will bring an interview call.


Bar Attendant Cover Letter Sample


45 Alexandria Street North
Dallas, TX 21478

October 23, 2014

Ms. Julia Watson
Personnel Manager
25 Downtown Area
Dallas, TX 25874


Dear Ms. Watson:

I am submitting my resume in response to your recent advertisement in The Daily Times for the bar attendant position at Marriott. After reading your job description in detail, I found my qualifications perfectly match your requirements. Enclosed with this cover letter is my resume which point out a detail of my hospitality trainings and customer service experiences.

I am physically fit and have a good health with no medical history. Per your requirements, I am highly skilled in:

• Greeting and serving guests
• Collecting glasses and cleaning ash trays
• Ensuring observance with food safety regulations
• Maintaining a clean, tidy, and healthy work area
• Receiving cash and operating cash system
• Recording hours worked on a every day basis
• Answering telephone calls
• Managing display and refilling stock
• Responding customer inquiries quickly

I would be contented if we could meet personally so that we can discuss more about your requirements and my suitability. Please contact me at (988) 333-9999 in order to arrange a time of meeting at the time of your convenience. I am really grateful for the time and consideration.



John Albert

Enc. Resume

Note: You should modify this sample Bar Attendant Cover Letter before sending it.