Crew Member Resignation Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated February 7, 2021
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The majority of people leave a crew member job for one reason – a better offer or a chance to move up the career ladder. Some others may want to switch jobs because of relocation or they want to work in some other industry.

Regardless of your reason to leave a crew member job, you have to do one very important thing – to write a resignation letter.

As a professional document, a crew member’s resignation letter articulates why you want to leave and how you intend to ensure a smooth transition.

It must be remembered that you should provide a sufficient notice period in your resignation letter. Consult your supervisor or the human resource manager to determine how much notice period should be given.

When you have all this information, you can write a simple resignation letter, such as the sample given below:

Crew Member Resignation Letter Example

Dalia Roberts
352 Pine Street West
Bear, DE 50221
(000) 897-7655

February 7, 2021

Mr. Ronald Trump
Crew Supervisor
Pizza Hut
856 Elk Way
Bear, DE 80940

Dear Mr. Trump:

Please accept this letter as formal resignation from my position as Crew Member for Pizza Hut. According to the company’s policy, I am providing you with a 30-day notice of my intention to leave. March 6 will be my last working day.

As you are aware, things were becoming a bit difficult for me for the past few months because my family was considering relocating to Wilmington. Now that they have made the final decision, I have no choice but to move with them despite the fact that I do not want to leave my job. Having diligently worked here for over 3 years, Pizza Hut is like a second home, and it was a difficult decision to leave.

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to learn and develop exceptional customer service and communication skills. Your mentorship means a lot to me and I anticipate that life will give me a chance to work with you again soon!


Dalia Roberts
Crew Member