School Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated April 2, 2017


Reflecting your professional abilities in a resume is a challenging thing to do.

In fact, outright saying that you are a great person professionally may seem like a great boast.

But one has to do it if one wants the job!

Don’t be subtle when writing your resume. Tell it like it is.

Here is a school coordinator resume example to help you:


School Coordinator Resume Sample



Bridget James

47 Privet Road | Glen, NH 79321 | (000) 841-2510 | bridge.james @email . com


Performance Summary
Highly adaptable and ambitious School Coordinator with a solid track record of creating and implementing successful academic programs. Well-versed in developing a creative learning community across the school, to meet the specific requirements of teachers, staff members and students.

Professional Skills
• Qualified to instruct and guide teachers in the path of creative teaching and learning, as a key to raising achievement, aspiration and motivation
• Exceptionally talented at building a community of creative learning practices across the school, with the involvement of all appropriate departments
• Deep insight into developing an inquiry based approach to address a range of issues relevant to the broader developmental needs of the school
• Demonstrated ability to oversee and assume responsibility of school programs, delegating extensively across the school community as deemed appropriate

Areas of Expertise

✓ Strategic Directions ✓ Good Practices Promotion ✓ Developmental Plans
✓ Resourcing Support ✓ Consultation / Counseling ✓ Environmental Safety
✓ Teacher Training ✓ Staff Monitoring ✓ Reports Scheduling
✓ Staff Facilitation ✓ Policy Establishment ✓ Student Assessment


Performance Highlights
Development: Identified a range of new training opportunities for teachers, resulting in a significant increase in motivation.

Assessment: Singlehandedly created and implemented student assessment metrics, which made the process 50% easier to handle.

Counseling: Established a counseling office within the school, resulting in increased satisfaction and better result outcome from students.

Policy: Successfully created and implemented policies and procedures for teachers, which decreased confusion amongst them regarding teaching protocols.

Professional Experience

School Coordinator
Anova Center for Education, Glen, NH | 2009 – Present

• Serve as an onsite staff leader for al school programs, for both teachers and staff members
• Provide program support crucial to meeting the mission and goals of extended learning department
• Manage both logistics and administrative tasks as they relate to school and after school events and activities
• Serve as a primary point of contact for teachers, parents and staff members, for information and / or problem solving
• Identify training opportunities for teachers and staff members and ensure that they are provided with intensive training to meet their goals
• Prepare and maintain daily rosters, contact information of students and teachers, along with medical reports pertaining to each student
• Oversee the supplies and equipment inventory to ensure that appropriate levels are maintained
• Document changes in students’ behavior and ensure that any causes for concern are communicated to parents

Assistant Coordinator
Adina Public Schools, Glen, NH | 2004 – 2009

• Created, filled out and maintained teacher and student rosters in the school archive
• Assisted coordinators in creating and implementing teacher training plans and programs
• Provided support in collecting student assessment information from teachers and documenting them according to protocol
• Contacted parents to inform them of school activities such as parent-teacher meetings and annual plays
• Ascertained that all students’ files are kept in a safe and confidential manner, according to established protocols


Bachelor’s Degree in Education
New Hampshire State University, Glen, NH | 2002