Merchandise Coordinator Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: January 7, 2022

A merchandise coordinator provides support to the planning and allocation of merchandise by providing first level assistance.

They usually work for retail companies by making sure that everything is displayed and priced properly.

Some merchandise coordinators may also be required to perform some marketing work as well and oversee website promotion for different product lines.

Merchandise Coordinator Qualifications and Job Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as a merchandise coordinator varies from company to company.

While the usual requirements to work as a merchandise coordinator includes a high school diploma or a GED, some companies may require you to possess an associate’s degree in business or a related field.

Merchandise Coordinator Skills

As a merchandising coordinator, you will need to be a creative individual, as creating eye-catching visual displays will be your primary duty.

You will also need to possess deep insight into marketing concepts and promotional procedures as you will be working with both marketing and advertising teams on a regular basis.

Strong communication skills and the ability to multitask, are two things that you will be required to possess at this position.

If you have had previous experience in the retail or merchandising field, you will be considered a great option to hire.

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Some of the duties that you will be performing in a merchandise coordinator role include:

Merchandise Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

• Develop and implement visual merchandise standards, policies, and procedures of all assigned stores.
• Implement floor set package designs that complement new merchandising strategies.
• Negotiate with suppliers for pricing and assist in setting retail prices.
• Handle inventory, cataloging, and display of merchandise, both in-store and online.
• Manage product roll-outs, perform markdowns, and ensure that all sales opportunities are fully taken advantage of.
• Count merchandise, props, and grip equipment, and load and unload merchandise onto delivery vehicles.
• Assist in rigging, painting, and assembling merchandise, prop preparation, and setting up and breaking displays.
• Develop and maintain meaningful relationships with associates and all levels of management.
• Communicate trends and product knowledge to all assigned stores in a bid to keep them updated with the market.
• Act as the first point of contact for information, materials, and samples for all cross-functional teams.
• Initiate requests and provide follow-up on packaging, signage, and collateral associated with each item.
• Respond to requests and resolve store and customer service issues by following company protocol.
• Create and maintain accurate and updated records of periodic replenishment purchase orders.
• Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with vendors and supplies in a bit to speed up and streamline procurement processes.

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