Medicaid Service Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: June 19, 2017

A service coordinator working for Medicaid has a lot on his or her plate. From assessing patients’ needs for social services to actually making sure that they are provided, a service coordinator has to do it all. Typically, a Medicaid service coordinator develops and implements participants’ individual service plans (ISPs) and coordinates the access and delivery of support services for them.

It is important for a person aspiring to work as a Medicaid service coordinator to possess a degree in human services or another social service discipline. If you have worked in a similar capacity before, your candidature will be considered highly by a hiring manager. And if you have had some exposure to social services provision and coordination, you will be able to tackle the various aspects of this work in a more profound manner.

The basic work of a Medicaid service coordinator is to form a bridge between patients / participants and services provided by the organization, or third party agencies. He or she will be expected to possess exceptional organizational and communication skills, and have it in her or him to delve deep into issues and provide viable solutions. Patient / participant satisfaction is of the utmost importance here as one is judged on how well a case has been managed. If this is the work that you are aspiring to do, you may go through the following list of duties that a Medicaid service coordinator is expected to perform:

Medicaid Service Coordinator Job Description

• Engage participants in conversation to determine their specific requirements for services and enrollment in programs

• Perform detailed needs assessments for each individual and create and implement correlating individualized service plans (ISPs) to meet these needs

• Conduct periodic meetings with individuals to determine the efficacy of implemented programs

• Provide advocacy by proactively protecting and upholding participants’ rights and essentially ensuring that their living environments are safe

• Assist participants in obtaining and maintaining benefits, including SSI and SSD, and ensure that all required Medicaid services are seamlessly provided to them

• Assist individuals in obtaining quality of life and health / medical services based upon their special needs, where applicable

• Provide individuals with assistance in obtaining legal guardianship or advocate for them to keep under the wing of their existing guardian

• Maintain and complete all required processes and reviews for assigned cases / caseload

• Coordinate and process required steps to obtain court orders for invasive medical procedures

• Complete central intakes and ensure that obtained information is forwarded to appropriate service providers