Materials Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: March 8, 2018

Materials coordinators are responsible for acquiring materials for a company to use in reselling or manufacturing.

They manage the logistics of purchasing materials and managing inventory. They also coordinate and expedite the flow of different materials to different departments to ensure that the production or reselling directives are met appropriately.

Employers do not look for more than a GED or high school diploma when hiring materials coordinator but some experience is necessary to carry out this work correctly.

The following resume sample for a materials coordinator position will be useful for you if you are thinking of applying for this position.



Materials Coordinator Resume Example



David Mansfield

780 Cupp Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89211
(000) 854-1411 | Email

Competent and versatile Materials Coordinator with varied experience spanning over 11 years in coordinating the flow and acquisition of production materials. Equipped with knowledge of executing mass production purchasing activities and inventory control. Proven expertise in computerized purchasing and material tracking and reviewing production schedules. Highly skilled in arranging the in-plant transfer of materials aimed at meeting production schedules. Efficiently controls the movement of material parts on automated conveyor belts.

• Wrote a manual on smooth acquisition, transfer, and movement of production materials for the benefit of new hires.
• Established meaningful relationships with suppliers and vendors resulting in acquiring 20% flat discount on all materials.
• Proposed quality management protocols to ensure that materials acquired conform to quality standards.
• Reorganized the materials inventory system by incorporating balanced checks to ensure appropriate inventory levels at all times.


Materials Coordinator | United Technologies, Las Vegas, NV | Jun 2010 – Present
• Coordinate the acquisition and flow off production materials.
• Review production schedules and ensure all materials are available at all times.
• Confer with supervisors to determine quality requirements.
• Examine materials to ensure that they conform to quality standards.
• Arrange transfer of materials within the organization.
• Compile and maintain records of materials purchased.

Materials Coordinator | City Group, Las Vegas, NV | May 2008 – Jun 2010
• Oversaw movement and transfer of materials.
• Arranged for repair and assembly of materials.
• Managed and monitor inventory levels.
• Distributed work orders and production schedules.
• Calculated figures to ensure that purchasing activities are kept within designated budgets.

Material Handler | ABC Warehouse, Las Vegas, NV | May 2005 – May 2008
• Received and checked production materials.
• Prepared materials for use in production processes.
• Loaded and unloaded trucks by utilizing pick sheets.
• Performed pre-shipping preparation of materials.
• Oversaw materials inventory and reported low inventory levels.

High School Diploma | Community School, Las Vegas, NV – 2003