IT Asset Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: October 1, 2017


Going through half a dozen resumes that do not gel in well with a hiring manager’s requirements can give him or her a “professional” heartburn.

Making sure that what you offer to a hiring manager is aligned well with what he or she wants is important.

And that is exactly what is done in the following resume sample for IT Asset Coordinator position:




IT Asset Coordinator Resume Example



Payton Charles

400 Roxie Road, Fairbanks, AK 92512
(000) 999-5241
payton.charles @ email . com


Dedicated and driven IT Asset Coordinator with over 6 years of experience in handling both daily and long-term strategic management of software and technology-related hardware within an organization. Skilled in planning, monitoring and recording software licenses and hardware assets to ensure compliance with vendor contracts.

Evaluates vendor hardware pricing model options and maintenance programs to optimize total cost of ownership. Competent at tracking and managing costs of all IT hardware asset throughout its operating life.


✓ Liabilities Management ✓ Cost Tracking ✓ Pricing Models Evaluation
✓ Vendor Relationships ✓ Standard IT Processes ✓ Financial Metrics Support
✓ Policies Compliance ✓ Reconciliation ✓ Activities Auditing
✓ Maintenance Agreements ✓ Volume Purchasing ✓ Findings Recording



IT Asset Coordinator
Roush Enterprises, Fairbanks, AK | 5/2014 – Present
• Plan, monitor, procure and record client based hardware assets to ensure compliance with company policies
• Develop and implement procedures for tracking IT assets to oversee quality control throughout leased and purchased lives
• Use appropriate tools and work closely with procurement departments to ensure that all IT asset management directives are handled according to protocol
• Identify personal computers and related peripherals, their present locations, operating system versions, and lease cycles
• Produce and submit compliance reports and assist with the development of procedures and policies to ensure replacement and deployment policies are followed
• Assist in establishing and maturing processes for clients’ asset management life cycles
• Administer hardware deployment work and preservation and refreshment of assets based on established guidelines
• Create and revise existing IT asset management, technology refresh and procurement related documentation

Selected Accomplishments
• Identified multiple opportunities for volume purchasing, resulting in impressive price breaks.
• Implemented a series of security policies that proved to be 85% more well-placed than the one already in place.

IT Asset Coordinator
Illumina Inc., Fairbanks, AK | 2/2011 – 5/2014
• Assisted in facilitation of procurement and tracking of clients IT related assets
• Generated monthly and ad-hoc reports for clients, and maintained clients’ department stocks
• Administered the servicing of company multi-facility printing devices with clients’ vendor service contracts
• Assisted in disposing off hardware assets before they became liabilities
• Researched and explored opportunities for maximizing unused or partially used IT hardware assets

Selected Accomplishments
• Introduced a system to evaluate pricing models, which proved to be exceptionally helpful in IT asset management initiatives.
• Successfully implemented a cost tracking system, which ensured that all IT asset management costs remained within budget parameters.

Arkansas State University, Arkansas, AK – 2010
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering