Fry Cook Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 2, 2018

Cover letters have evolved tremendously over the years, and with 2018 here now, things are going to change even more.

This is all the more reason to ensure that the cover letter which you write is way above the rest of the ones that a hiring manager receives.

When a hiring manager sees your Fry Cook cover letter, he or she should jump up for joy, and want to meet you in person.

Tall order? Perhaps.

However, it is not impossible to do. Cover letters provide a lot of leeway where writing styles are concerned.

If yours is to the point and informative, there is no need for hiring managers not to like them.

Since you need to communicate your abilities and qualifications in a manner that the hiring manager hasn’t seen before, creativity needs to come into play here.

It is not difficult.

Here is a sample to help you out!


Fry Cook Cover Letter Example



January 2, 2018

Ms. Samantha Shatner
Human Resource Manager
Strat Casino
1938 pecan Avenue
Florence, KY 60020


Dear Ms. Shatner:

I have been working as a fry cook at The Hyatt for over 6 years now, and would now like to diversify my experience, and provide the benefit of my skills to Strat Casino. I am positive that with the skills set that I already possess, and the corresponding ability to manage a huge array of kitchen duties, I will be an instant hit at your facility.

Operating and maintaining frying and grilling equipment is not the only talent that I possess. As a fry cook, I am well-aware of the different and novel ways of handling food preparation activities for both fast food items, and entrees. Handling marinating activities according to provided recipes, and ensuring that instructions for frying and grilling are followed to the tee is my niche.

I am exceptionally talented in monitoring the quality and quantity of fried items, ensuring that set standards and protocols are met. In addition to this, I am a pro when it comes to inventory and supplies management, ensuring that low stock situations do not occur. Possessing exceptional communication skills makes it easy for me to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of each order.

Confident that Strat Casino will benefit greatly from my abilities and skills, I will contact you soon to set up a meeting date and time. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Joan Pole
(000) 475-5487

Attachment. Resume