Travel Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 14, 2019

What is your main pet peeve when preparing for a travel consultant interview? The jitters?

Yes, the jitters that one gets when thinking of sitting on this side of the interview table can be debilitating.

Our whole future may depend on whether we do well in the interview or not.

If the interview process is essential, it is best to prepare profoundly for it.

It is because a reasonable amount of preparation will not only get rid of pre-interview fears but will also guarantee a confident stance at the time of the interview.


Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a travel consultant position to help you prepare:

Travel Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

What is it that you find the most frustrating about working as a travel consultant?

Working as a travel consultant is mostly fun. The frustration part comes in rarely. When it does, it is usually a client not understanding that a particular flight delay or cancellation is not the consultant’s fault!

Has such an incident event happened when you incurred a client’s wrath?

Yes. There was a time when due to severe weather conditions in the state, 45 flights had been delayed. One client called me, furious that I should have known this would happen since “I am in the business.” I did all I could you explain that it wasn’t my responsibility if a flight got delayed, but the client wasn’t having any of it. It was quite unpleasant.

What have been your prime responsibilities working as a travel consultant?

My prime responsibilities as a travel consultant include conferring with clients to determine their specific traveling requirements, providing them with information on available flights and fares, and ensuring that their itineraries are booked as they want them to be.

Do you indulge in marketing initiatives? How do you feel about performing marketing work while enjoying the role of a travel consultant?

While marketing has not been part of my work as a travel consultant in the past, I have been indulging in suggestively selling holiday tours to clients. I do understand that a certain degree of marketing is essential when dealing with clients and I have no qualms about indulging in it!

What qualifications do you possess that make you an excellent contender to work at our travel agency?

I am an expert at working with the Global Distribution System. Additionally, I can accurately and promptly calculate fares and travel miles, provide information on popular holiday destinations, educate clients on culturally and politically proper decorum of different countries, and provide excellent follow-up services!

What auxiliary work have you performed in this role in the past?

Apart from providing travel consultancies, I have been actively involved in providing clients with support in securing accommodation, arranging for extended travel through other means, such as trains and cars, and have provided education to them regarding cultural and religious sentiment in their destination countries.

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