Travel Consultant Cover Letter Example

Updated on: October 4, 2017

Most hiring managers have been through enough cover letters in their career lifetimes to know when a candidate is fibbing about his competencies, and when one is being completely honest. And because of this, it is important for you as a candidate to write a cover letter that is not only honest but relevant to the requirements of a hiring manager as well.

How can you make Travel Consultant cover letter writing easy?

The bad news is that cover letter writing has no shortcuts. And the good news is that cover letter writing can be aced if you keep just a few things in mind. Basically, a cover letter is written to provide hiring managers with insight about yourself as a possible employee. If you can successfully communicate what you are worth, you have a pretty good chance at reaching the next level, which is the interview stage.

Here is a cover letter example for a travel consultant position which you can go through to get ideas to write your own:


Travel Consultant Cover Letter Example



545 Carleton Street
Magnolia, MS 41211

October 4, 2017

Ms. Linda Mc Naught
Human Resource Manager
Hays Travel
65 Lela Road
Magnolia, MS 55002


Dear Ms. Mc Naught:

As a seasoned Travel Consultant with over 10 years of experience, I understand that the timely evaluation of clients’ travelling needs, and monitoring of market have a real impact on company goodwill and success.

Throughout my career in traveling and tourism industry, I have been successfully assumed increasing responsibilities. With wide exposure to handling client interaction in a positive and upbeat manner, I am many clients’ “favorite travel consultant”, earning me the reputation of a “dream seller”.

Selling travel arrangements and related services to clients, aiming to ensure that sales goals are met in a professional and consultative manner is my forte. Owing to my ability to provide thorough, friendly and efficient customers services, I am often picked from the lot to provide consultancy services to the company’s corporate clients.

Exceptional ability to create and offer travel plans locally and globally, and demonstrated expertise in making required arrangements such as accommodation and travel, go a long way in making me an ideal candidate to hire as a travel consultant at Hays Travel.

I believe that a personal meeting will make it possible for you to gauge my abilities in a more profound manner. I will contact your office soon to determine if you are available for one next week.



Sarah Cunningham
(000) 999-4521
Enc: (Resume)