Personnel Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 6, 2017

If your cover letter didn’t bring results, who would you blame? The employer? No! If your cover letter fails to impress a hiring manager into calling you for an interviews, the fault lies within the cover letter – and possible with the person who wrote it. No one can be perfect and seriously, hiring managers do not really look for perfection. They want as near perfect as possible. And that is an achievable goal.

Cover letters are usually our only chance to tell the hiring manager that we are worth a thing or two. Use this particular avenue to great advantage by making sure that it says what it should – and refrains from saying what the hiring manager does not want to listen to – or rather, read! How will you know? It is simple – the reason that you are writing a cover letter in the first place is that you want to tell the hiring manager that you are a good contender for a job. What job? What does the job require you to do? Answer these two questions and you will know exactly what it is that the employer is looking for.

Make a list of what skills you possess vs what the employer is looking for. And this is what your cover letter should come out to be:


Personnel Clerk Cover Letter Sample


58 North Atlantic Street
Stowe, VT 54112

January 6, 2017

Mr. Ryan Cobain
Hiring Manager
WinCo Foods Inc.
9002 High Meadow Road
Stowe, VT 18732


Dear Mr. Cobain:

Getting along with people is second nature to me – and so is being organized in everything that I undertake. Amalgamating these two inherent qualities, I am interested in working as a personnel clerk at WinCo Foods Inc., a position that I am positive that I can do justice to by virtue of the following qualifications:

• 8+ years’ hands-on experience in processing and overseeing the processing of benefit and personnel transactions, including insurance enrollment, appointments, promotions and reinstatements.

• Unmatched ability to handle the development and implementation of benefit communications materials, including legally required notices and employee presentations.

• Competent in reviewing timesheets and work charts to detect and reconcile payroll discrepancies.

• Effectively able to process and issue employee paychecks and statements of earnings and deductions on a regular basis.

I strongly believe that my addition to your human resource team will be beneficial to the processes and operations of WinCo Foods Inc. To explain why I believe so, I suggest that we meet in person. I can be reached at (000) 855-8457 if you need to contact me for further information.



Perry Edwards

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