Resume writing for childcare worker position is as easy as A.B.C!

But you have to know the basics, and some facts about how a resume is perceived by a hiring manager.

A child care worker resume that is considered “high quality” is one which has more than just basic information and facts.

And following is one of the sort:



Child Care Worker Resume Sample


Sam Neil

4002 Base Road | Central City, KY 11185 | (000) 544-2510 | samneil @ email . com


Performance Profile
Compassionate, diligent and nurturing child care professional with an inherent passion to provide children with support and assistance, both physically and emotionally. A proactive and diligent individual who has a successful track record of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of assigned children. Accurately comprehend and follow instructions. Excel in:

• Designing and following a full schedule of activities and determine appropriate care methods
• Providing basic care such as assistance with grooming, toileting and washing
• Ensuring the safety of children by arranging the environment in a manner conducive to physical health and wellbeing
• Communicating with parents to provide information and updates on their children’s progress and limitations

Professional childcare skills

• Safety Protocols • Personal Support • Child Monitoring
• Lesson Planning • Distress Identification • Activities Scheduling
• Recreational Activities • Rest Periods Regulation • Housekeeping Support
• Communication • Interest Exploration • Emotional Support


• Implemented a series of age-appropriate developmental activities, resulting in increased interest in obtaining the organization’s services.
• Proved to be invaluable to a child who was discovered to have special needs, while under care.
• Saved a child from imminent harm by recognizing dangers in her environment and taking measures to ward them off.
• Developed and implemented an inclusion program into the original child care program, thereby providing children with special needs to be included into regular streams.


Childcare Worker
SCO Family Services, Central City, KY | 6/2014 – Present

• Create and implement core child care plans and programs to meet the diverse needs of each assigned child
• Assess children to determine their strengths and limitations and tweak plans accordingly
• Provide dedicated care to children by ensuring that their physical and emotional needs are properly fulfilled
• Create and implement appropriate activities based on individual child’s capacity to learn and absorb
• Ascertain children’s physical safety and wellbeing by ensuring that their surroundings are safe and secure
• Provide assistance with homework and school projects while ensuring that children understand concepts taught in school
• Monitor children to ensure their health and emotional wellbeing and communicate any significant evaluation to parents
• Confer with parents and guardians to provide them with updates on their children’s wellbeing and progress

The People Services, Central City, KY| 2/2009 – 5/2014

• Handled the basic needs of children such as toileting, diapering and washing
• Created meal plans based on each child’s specific nutritional needs
• Assisted children with homework by providing support in understanding difficult concepts
• Implemented activities to provide children with physical and emotional stimulation
• Created a safe and nurturing environment for children by ensuring that safety measures were taken into account

Central City High School, Central City, KY – 2009
High School Diploma

• Bilingual: English/Spanish
• Computer: MS Word and Excel