Child Advocate Resume Example

Updated on: April 28, 2019

Child advocates spend a lot of their time talking to children, foster parents, and guardians.

This is why they have to possess a certain personality so that they can be considered for a position.


The resume provides hiring managers with detailed information about one’s ability to handle this work.

In your resume for a child advocate position, you must highlight the various reasons that you are a great contender for this job.

Specifically, you should highlight your knowledge of providing steady and caring support to children under your care.



A sample resume for Child Advocate position is provided here for reference purposes:



Child Advocate Resume Example


Rose Wilford
64 Plantation Drive, St. Cloud, MN 54923
(000) 248-8597
[email protected]


Nurturing individual, with a solid grasp on child advocacy concepts. Highly experienced in providing advocacy services to child victims and their families. Competent in developing cases, as well as determining requirements to ensure child safety and wellbeing.


Initial Contact
Child Protection
Abuse Determination

Emergency Response
Scenario Analysis
Education Provision
Abuse Prevention

Policy Change Effecting
Social Services Liaison
Intervention Plans Creation


  • Implemented an abuse prevention program, hence, reduced recurrence of abuse by 30%.
  • Devised an initial contact strategy, as a result, made children and family members comfortable to talk.
  • Introduced a child abuse educational program, the turnout for which was 500+ people.
  • Saved a child from possible fatality by recognizing early signs of abuse, and removing him from his then current surroundings. 


Child Advocate
Family Community Services, St. Cloud, MN | 2014-present

  • Engage children in conversation in order to determine their specific questions.
  • Ask questions regarding children’s treatment by parents and guardians.
  • Ensure that assigned children are made comfortable through small talk.
  • Create case files for each child, and place relevant information into them.
  • Observe assigned children in order to determine how they interact with people, and react to situations.
  • Identify issues, such as bad behavior, and abuse, and develop correlating reports.
  • Report findings in the court of law in front of judges and juries.
  • Create and maintain relationships with social and child protection services so as to obtain their assistance.

Child Advocate
Children R Us, St. Cloud, MN | 2011-2014

  • Provided emotional and physical support to distressed children.
  • Assisted in assessing clients and developing action plans.
  • Scheduled meetings with child protection services.
  • Interviewed parents, foster parents, and guardians in order to obtain case information.
  • Created and maintained case files, ensuring both accuracy and confidentiality.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services
St. Cloud College, St. Cloud, MN 

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