Infant Caregiver Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated December 2, 2020
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Infant Caregiver Job Description

With so many working mothers nowadays, the need for infant caregivers has significantly increased.

Infant caregivers provide care and look after the needs of infants while their parents are away at work.

Typically, their job revolves around feeding infants, getting them to sleep, and playing with them; in actuality, this is not as simple as it sounds.

Infant caregivers are expected to act like parents. Their duties include meeting the physical and emotional needs of their wards along with ensuring that they are provided with a safe environment.

Since each child is different, infant caregivers are required to handle them based on their personality and needs.

There are many different capacities that infant caregivers work in. They may work as nannies in people’s homes or as caregivers in a daycare center. No matter which setting they work in, they handle similar tasks.

Since infants often form attachments to their caregivers, it is essential for the caregiver to be soft-spoken, caring, and nurturing.

Caregivers looking after infants perform many duties similar to parents; some of these duties are listed below.

Infant Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities

• Prepare meals according to instructions provided by parents
• Feed infants on a predefined schedule and guide them to feed themselves when necessary
• Change diapers and bathe infants
• Introduce infants to activities and toys aimed at the physical and cognitive development
• Manage infants’ social, emotional, and physical needs
• Rock and verbally comfort infants when they are agitated
• Talk to infants to facilitate relationship building
• Ensure that all toys provided are clean and safe for infants to use
• Perform emergency procedures such as First Aid and CPR in the event of an emergency
• Perform laundry and ironing services of infants’ clothes
• Ensure that there is a constant supply of diapers and other baby products
• Perform grocery shopping activities aimed at buying the right food for infants
• Provide driving services to infants’ parents’ workplaces
• Build a curriculum based on the differing needs of infants (while working in a daycare setting)
• Manage positive interaction activities targeted at providing stimulus, growth, and development
• Maintain daily records and reports for infants
• Communicate with parents or guardians regarding infants’ progress or problems
• Prepare various teaching materials in accordance with infants’ ages (while working in a daycare setting)
• Administer prescribed medication if the need arises
• Observe and report any significant behavioral patterns to the parents