A cover letter for Animal Caretaker Resume is usually a three paragraph document that has an opening paragraph a middle one and a closing one.

Sounds like any other letter eh? But an Animal Caretaker’s covering letter is not like other letters as it has the capacity to hold someone’s future and needs to written with a lot of care.

Just look at the example below in order to create a great cover letter for animal caretaker job.

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Animal Caretaker Cover Letter Sample


12 Timber Row
Murrells Inlet, SC 34222

August 9, 2015

Mr. Jeff Martinez
Hiring Manager
Pets & Vets
6668 Green Pond Road
Murrells Inlet, SC 99928


Dear Mr. Martinez:

When I saw your advertisement in the Daily News for the job opening of an Animal Caretaker, I immediately decided to apply. There is no other reason for me to want to work for Pets & Vets other than the fact that I love animals and want to pursue my career helping and sheltering them.

I have been working at the same position for PAWS in Clover but had to leave the position following the move to Murrells Inlet due to a pressing family problem. Since then I have been looking for a position where I can apply my acquired knowledge of animal care. At PAWS I was responsible for:

– Assisting wardens with capturing animals doomed for the pound
– Maintaining animal shelters in terms of cleanliness and sanitation
– Tagging animals as they were brought in and feeding and watering them
– Observing animals for illnesses and ensuring proper medication is provided
– Performing daily health checks

My natural and instinctive love for animals is a trait that helps me work successfully in a position that caters to the needs of homeless and sick animals. I believe that someone working at this post must possess these traits to be able to truly do justice to it.

Please find my resume enclosed for your reference. I would like to meet with you in order to discuss this Animal Caretaker position in detail. I will call you next week to follow-up on my job application and can be reached at 999-999-999 in the interim. Thank you for your time in looking through this letter.



Katie Holmes

Enc. Resume