Garment Merchandiser Resume, Job Description, Skills

Updated on: December 30, 2022

When writing a killer garment merchandiser resume is your aim, the first thing that you need to do is find out the exact job description of the position. You will need to know exactly what a person hired for this position does.

Let us help.

A garment merchandiser is hired by companies, part of the apparel/garment industry, where his or her main job is to make sure that the right type and quality of products are delivered to the right people.

A bachelor’s degree in business is required if this is the position you want to take up. In addition to formal education in a business discipline, you will need to have an eye for detail, be organized, and possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

As a garment merchandiser, you will need to be on your toes (literally and figuratively speaking), which means that your professional prowess in both these areas must be exceptional. A complete understanding of wholesale processes, manufacturing, and supply chain operations is very important. Entrepreneurial drive tempered by judgment, and strong leadership skills are also important prerequisites of working in this position.

So if you have the capability to multitask, superior organizational skills, and some experience in managing and motivating teams, you may want to look at the following list of duties particular to a garment merchandiser position, before you begin writing your resume:

Garment Merchandiser Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and execute the merchandising process from concept to delivery, bringing in fresh and trend-appropriate assortments of garments.
  • Ensure that each stage within the merchandising process is timely and accurately executed.
  • Partner with different departments such as sales, design, and production to ensure execution and timely delivery of goods, sales growth, and attainment of margin goals.
  • Identify quality issues by thoroughly checking samples, and providing viable solutions.
  • Provide insight into category forecasting and ensure that progress towards established financial goals is set appropriately.
  • Communicate and follow up with active constituents globally, including vendors, customers, suppliers, and licensors.
  • Gather and prepare presentation materials for internal meetings and customer presentations.
  • Communicate product-level information to internal stakeholders, in a bid to foster and maintain communication flow.
  • Assist brand managers in creating seasonal merchandising plans, and communicate with merchandising teams to facilitate operational excellence.
  • Provide support in product line planning, development, and pricing processes, and assist with initial showroom setup and market preparation.

No resume for a garment merchandiser position can be perfect. Near-perfection is fine where resumes are concerned. Ensuring that your resume is at least half as apt as the hiring manager wants it to be is imperative.

Have a look at the following resume sample to get ideas:

Garment Merchandiser Resume Example

John Miller
12 Jefferson Street
Saint Charles, MO 45123
(000) 963-2515
j_miller @ email . com


Attentive and detail-oriented Garment Merchandiser with over 6 years of experience working in apparel merchandising capacities. Highly skilled in executing the merchandising process from concept to delivery, ensuring timely execution at each stage. Collaboratively implemented merchandising strategies and assortment plans for different merchandising categories, increasing sales by $5000 per month.

✓ Strategy Development ✓ Operational Facilitation
✓ Trend Analysis ✓ Visual Merchandising
✓ Product Inspection ✓ Orders Management
✓ Quality Control ✓ Shipping Assistance

• Successfully strategized a series of plans that led to increased quality of shipments.
• Controlled the quality of outgoing garments, by implementing plans to ensure that all quality metrics were met.
• Managed a visual merchandising campaign, which was assigned on an emergent basis.
• Trained 20 individuals to work as merchandising officers, for 4 different company locations, as part of their training.


Garment Merchandiser
VF Corporation, Saint Charles, MO                                          
3/2014 – Present
• Maintain effective professional relationships between buyers and manufacturers
• Contact vendors and provide them with information on available products
• Collect garment samples and accessories and inspect them for conformity and quality
• Develop merchandising strategies to ensure that the company can meet its targets
• Coordinate with production and fabric teams to ensure that all tasks are aimed at efficiency and timeliness
• Ensure that all merchandising-related functions are running smoothly, including packing, unpacking, and repacking
• Collect and process cost information, quote prices to the buyer and perform negotiations with suppliers
• Check samples to ensure that they are in conformity with specified standards before they are sent out

Apparel Merchandiser
Global Brands Group, Saint Charles, MO                          
2/2011 – 3/2014
• Collected samples from different department brands and brought them to the inspection hub
• Assisted merchandisers in determining fabric faults such as colors and shades
• Isolated faulty garments, and ensured that they were delivered to the production area for further action
• Checked all labels and information on them, and created reports accordingly
• Ascertained that all passed garments were packed properly, and shipped according to protocol

Bachelor of Business Administration
Saint Charles University, Saint Charles, MO – 2010

Garment Merchandiser Skills for Resume

Here are some sample statements that you can use to highlight your skills when writing a resume for a garment merchandiser position:

  • Demonstrated ability to assist brand managers in creating and implementing strategically apt seasonal merchandising plans.
  • Highly skilled in executing seasonal merchandising processes, ensuring timely execution at each stage.
  • Hands-on experience in researching and bringing to market fresh, trend-appropriate assortments that meet customers’ needs and drive sales.
  • First-hand experience in implementing merchandising strategies and assortment plans to achieve the right balance of key items.
  • Proven ability to analyze product performance, market conditions, and feedback from customers and vendors.
  • Track record of efficiently updating product assortments and identifying and suggesting opportunities based on analysis.
  • Competent in partnering with different departmental professionals such as design, production, and sales teams to ensure on-time execution and delivery of goods.
  • Able to identify quality and technical issues, and provide viable solutions to minimize production and delivery downtime.
  • Skilled in communicating and following up with both internal and external constituents globally, such as vendors, licensors, and customers, to assist with problem resolutions as necessary.
  • Proficient in creating and maintaining all product level data for garments’ lifecycles, product set up to deletion from product lines.