Medical Biller Collector Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2017

What do you think a hiring manger wants when he picks up a cover letter? Usually, a hiring manager would want to see a document that meets all his requirements which include a prospective employee’s work skills and accomplishments. Once this is seen in a cover letter, there is no going back!

At one time, cover letters were nothing more than what an applicant wanted for him or herself. Now, cover letters are all about what the employer needs. And to fulfil these needs, it is up to the employee to articulate what he or she has to offer. The better the match between the applicant and the employer, the higher the chances of an interview call. And this match can be determined from the advertisement that an employer posts. Pay special attention to the keywords used in the ad and use them in your own cover letter for good measure. And nothing can stop you from writing a cover letter that is truly what the employer is looking for.

For you to be able to see what a cover letter for medical biller and collector position should look like, have a look at the following sample. Remember. Do not copy the content in it – only take ideas!


Medical Biller Collector Cover Letter Sample


January 13, 2017

Mr. Tom Watson
Hiring Manager
325 North Street
Beaumont, TX 79021


Dear Mr. Watson:

As a seasoned Medical Biller and Collector, I will be a great addition to your team of medical billers. Not only am I experienced, I have had considerable exposure working with insurance companies to have denials reversed and claims paid in a timely fashion.

Why do I feel as if I am a great contender for this job? Due to the following qualifications that I possess:

• First-hand experience in organizing and sorting bills and invoices so that they can be appropriately punched into the system.

• Deep familiarity with the rules and guidelines of both Medicare and Medicaid systems, along with exceptional skills in creating and maintaining effective liaison with insurance companies on the facility’s panel.

• Documented success in following up on delinquent accounts and expediting payments.

• Effectively able to punch accurate and complete billing information into the system by following established guidelines.

To further highlight my competencies as a medical biller, it is best that we meet in person. I will call you after some days to set up an interview time. If needed, you may reach me at (000) 745-1421.



Kate Black

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