Relationship Banker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 30, 2022

Cover letters are extremely important documents that you just cannot do without when applying for a job.

A resume cannot do much if it is not accompanied by a cover letter.

In fact, a job application set is not considered complete unless a cover letter is included.

Prospective employers take cover letters at face value. If you say that you are an exceptional candidate, an employer has no choice but to believe you.

So this is the perfect opportunity to say anything that will convince the employer that you are the best candidate that he will ever set his eyes on!

To see how this is possible, refer to the cover letter sample below:

Relationship Banker Cover Letter Example

Lisa Rai
87 South Ave
Columbus, MS 21441
(000) 857-8541
Lisa @ email . com

June 30, 2022

Mr. Perry Edwards
Hiring Manager
First Guaranty Bank
3002 Apt Street
Columbus, MS 87023

Dear Mr. Edwards:

I am very excitedly responding to your job advertisement for a Relationship Banker at First Guaranty Bank. My professional banking experiences, as well as my passion to outperform in personal banking, make me an excellent contender for this role.

Increasing the client base at Columbus Bank by a staggering 10% within 3 months of joining as a relationship banker, is perhaps my biggest achievement so far. Through sheer effort and hard work, I was able to accomplish what an entire team of relationship bankers had not been able to achieve in 2 years. Bringing this accomplishment and correlated qualifications forward, I would like to offer to replicate the same at First Guaranty Bank.

Going the extra mile when it comes to client satisfaction, is a concept hard-engraved in me as a relationship banker. With sound comprehension of handling existing accounts to ensure client satisfaction and building relationships with walk-in clients and prospective ones, I am positive that your bank will benefit from me on the team. Furthermore, I am well-versed in the following areas:

✓ Teller Transactions
✓ Needs Assessment
✓ Financial Data Analysis
✓ Marketing Presentations
✓ Cross-selling Products and Services
✓ Investment Advice

I am diligent in producing immediate results and ensuring constant client satisfaction. I will be happy to elaborate on this in an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lisa Rai

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