What to Write to Get a Babysitting Job

Updated on: June 3, 2019

It may seem that getting a babysitting job is an easy task; after all, many people need individuals to care for their children.

However, attaining a job as a babysitter might be difficult.


There are many qualities that an employer looks for when hiring someone to look after his or her children.

Trust is a major issue and only people who can inspire trust and show a natural love for children are deemed appropriate candidates for the position of a babysitter.

Before you begin looking for a babysitting job, you must first analyze yourself.

Do you have the skills and qualities needs to be a babysitter?
Do you have a natural love for children?
Are you a patient person?
Can you handle emergencies?


If the answer to all these is yes, you may be right for the job. The next step is to figure out a way to convince a prospective employer that you are right for their child.

What to Write to Get a Babysitting Job

You need to write a convincing resume and cover letter to get a job as a babysitter.

When you write your resume for a babysitting position, make sure that it is comprehensive. Let your resume show your skills. Make sure you do not write false information as an employer is sure to see through it.

Remember that you are applying for a job that has a personal linkage to the employer – something that he or she will feel sensitive about. This is why the employer is sure to scrutinize you more than if it were another position.

Focus on Employer’s Needs

In your cover letter, always try to reference some details from a job posting. If the employer is looking for someone, who is CPR trained (and you are too) be sure to mention it.

Make sure that your application is personalized – even a first-time employer will be able to see through a copy and paste gimmick on your cover letter!

Be personal and tailor your application to the job description provided by the potential employer.

Relevant Skills and Experiences

It may not be easy to “show” a prospective employer what you can do through your writing, but it is not impossible.

A decade of experience on your cover letter will not impress the employer as much as providing information about the type of families you have worked with and how old or demanding your clients were.

What did you do in a previous position that now makes you eligible for another one?

Did you drop and pick children from schools and activities?

Did you assist with homework?

All this information shows what kind of skills you possess and helps employers decide on hiring you.

Remember, there is no knowing what an employer will want to read in your application papers but if it is logical to the babysitting position, you will have better chances to be considered!

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