As babysitting is a very dedicated line of work so parents are usually very choosy regarding the selection of babysitter for their children.

A babysitter recommendation letter is also known as reference or endorsement letter. This letter is usually written by the previous employer or teacher to facilitate the candidate in securing a new job. This letter is usually not addressed to any specific authority. It is an open salutation letter i.e ‘ To whom it may concern.’

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Sample Professional Recommendation Letter for a Babysitter


April 7, 2016


To Whom it May Concern

I am writing this letter to recommend Sarah Jeffery as an energetic Babysitter. Sarah passionately took care of my 3 year’s old baby girl in my absence.

During the course of her employment, I was highly satisfied by her work and the way she took care of my child. In addition to taking care of my child during day, Sarah has also cared for her over-night efficiently many times in my absence.

She is a meticulous professional who is always willing to go extra mile to perform particular tasks if the need arises. Owing to her upbeat, courteous and outgoing personality, she knows unique ways to manage the needs of kids especially when they are upset. Some of her competencies include:

• Emotional development of children
• Story telling
• Toilet training
• Behavioral guidance

Sarah was more than a babysitter to my child, she was like my family member. Since my daughter is now old enough to go to school and Sarah needs some other work, I hope she will get employed wherever she desires.

Again, I strongly recommend her for babysitting, nanny or any child care position. If you have any queries regarding her skills and qualifications, please feel free to contact me.



Elizabeth McKenzie
70 Rose Lane, Downtown
Seattle, WA 58667
Cellular: (006) 444-7777
Residence: (005) 222-7766